Organizing the Project Room

When we moved into our house (that has four bedrooms) I remember, we looked at each other and said, “What are we going to do with FOUR bedrooms, when there’s only two of us?” Three bedrooms we had covered: Master Bedroom, Guest Room and Office. No problem. But that fourth…until we have kids, what to do with the fourth?

So it’s been titled “The Project Room” by me, and “The Junk Room” by my husband. His term really bothers me, because I don’t want anything in our home to be known as “junk”…but, I’ve gotta admit, it was really starting to look…”junky”. Here, let me show you…

From the door. I was unpacking Fall decor, trying to create more Fall decor, and adding normal decor to our Dining Room at the same time.


Now this one…this is me taking down all the Summer decor, searching for the Fall decor, trying to keep the cat busy and trying to study for an insurance exam I have to take while working out. Yeah. That’s about it.


And this is a mess of a closet in which I’m trying to store things for projects and decor and whatever else I didn’t have a spot for. (The other closet right next to this one looked about the same, unfortunately.)


So, okay. Maybe a little bit “junky”. But the real issue I was running into was that I had five people coming to stay with me, and I knew I needed to get the air mattresses set up in this room, or I’d be up the creek without a paddle. As always, a deadline works wonders for motivating me, so I got to work.

When I take on an organizing project, this is how I do it:

1. Make a trash pile
2. Make a donate/sell pile
3. Make piles that categorize the rest of the stuff

For example, in this room I made a “decor” pile, a “projects that need completion” pile, a “products to help with projects” pile, and a “things that need to stay out of the closets and be used in the room” pile.

4. Throw out the trash
5. Take action on the items for selling and donating
6. Put away the rest

So, here’s how it looked when I was finished:

Small project area set up…which can also double as another desk if one of us is already using the desk in the office.


Window spot for CoCo the kitty, with a fan and trash can, and room for working out.


I designated this side of the closet for projects that need completing, AND the supplies to make it happen. Photos that need scanning, wall decor that still needs to be hung, jars for crafts, silver the needs cleaning, tons of spray paint…you get the idea.


And this closet is for decor!


The items leaning against the wall that you see are for selling, and these are two extra dining room chairs that we keep in the Project Room when we don’t have all the leaves in the dining room table. And this basket of bright toys? This is what we keep on hand for when we have kids visiting our home. (A full post about this later!)

SO much better, right? This setup makes it so easy to flip it to the guest setup, too! Allow me to demonstrate:





Those are queen-sized raised plush air mattresses that I scored off Amazon. I had gift cards, so I spent a total of $3.14 for those things! A couple bed-in-a-bag sets from Walmart finish them off nicely, and they are REALLY comfy! (Hey, I don’t ask guests to sleep on something I haven’t slept on and approved!) I left the table and chairs there for play area, along with the toys, and the fan to keep everyone cool and drown out any night-time noise, and the trash can just so there’s a trash can in the room.

Now we have a very workable space until it’s time to fill it with something special! Whatcha think?

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23 thoughts on “Organizing the Project Room

  1. Love this, gives me such inspiration. We bought a 4 bedroom house for my husband and I too. We did exactly what you did. One room was our room, another a guest room, and the other a den. Then my husband always told me no matter where we lived I could always have a craft room/teaching room. So that was the 4th bedroom. Three year later he got laid off and we had to sell it, so we are now living in a 2 bedroom apartment, just us and I still have my room. Lol he kept his promise and he did find a job. Thank for giving me inspiration to get my act together and get my room straight.

  2. Your middle name must be “Organization”… or maybe “Tidy”… I wish I had that gene.
    If that’s all the mess you’ve got to offer us, I’m sure I’m not the only one jealous. Wait till you’ve been married 20+ years!! But maybe not, you’ll probably have everything neat as a pin.
    Great post, great room!

    • HA! My husband would say my middle name is Anal LOL No worries, I’m doing a post on my “junk drawer” soon! (And having only been married for 2.5 years, yes, I’d imagine the clutter is easier to tame right now!

  3. Gosh your house is so very lovely. Makes me want a nice house of my own! Currently we rent from my in laws and lets just say that paisley commercial carpet is not up my ally!

    • You’re right, it DOES take longer with kids! And yes, one room at a time is the way to go. I have a list of things I want to do for each room in my house LOL (I’m beginning to think it’s the never-ending list!)

  4. Your junky room is my clean room. Ha ha ha. I wish I could cull things down as well as you do. It’s so clean and simple in there. I love it. You did a great job! If I had an extra room it’d be a homeschool/office/craft room and it’d be glorious.

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