Organizing Bathroom Storage – A Guest Post!

If there’s one thing you all KNOW that I love, it’s organization! Right?! There’s nothing better than walking into a beautifully-organized room, where you can go straight to the item you need and there’s no clutter in your way! Perfect!

And, if there’s one thing you all KNOW that I hate, it’s clutter! What’s one of the worst rooms to accumulate clutter in the house? The bathroom! (Not to mention that, if it’s not kept clean, then it’s DIRTY clutter! UNSANITARY clutter! Ugh!)

So when Nikki Mouille from The Garage Transformers Inc. contacted me about a guest post on bathroom organization, I thought it was a fantastic idea! Now, get ready to learn something new! I sure did! Are you ready?

Are you sick of opening your sink cabinet or linen closet and everything seems to always fall out? Well I am! If you have never had this problem, you must have really organized your bathroom storage. (I’m jealous). I will be moving in a few months and I set a goal to not have the same problems in my new bathroom. I decided it was time to look into some of the common mistakes and find solutions to fix them.

Common Mistake #1: Not Utilizing a Prime Location

A common mistake is to leave the space above the toilet vacant. Your first thought may be, well we wouldn’t want anything to fall in. Raise your hand if this has happened to you! It’s happened to me; it’s awful! Having toothpaste or makeup falling into the toilet can completely ruin a day, but there is a way around it. By adding an etagere, a shelf and cabinet combination, you can avoid a morning catastrophe from happening. This storage idea has a deep shelf and a cabinet to house all the essentials.


Common Mistake #2: Not Re-Vamping the Hidden Gem

Another problem I have noticed is storage under the sink. Right now my storage is already built with shelves, but sometimes the shelves are too low to allow products to stand up, so I have to lay them down. If this is a problem for you as well, I just try to mask the disorder by adding baskets to hold the products. When you have a cabinet that has plenty of space up top. try adding accessories that you are able to customize over the years to fit your needs. The solution is to have a “cabinet drawer” that allows products to stand up and also store more items in less space. Gone are the days of stuffing as much as possible in the cabinets and hoping the door will stay closed. (I am guilty of this!) I really liked this solution from Bed Bath and Beyond, the steel frame seems durable and I trust it will last for a while. Also the plastic bottoms are removable and it has built in dividers!


Common Mistake #3: My Leaning Tower of Pisa

The linen closet was the next thing I wanted to look into. Even though I try to stack my towels as neat as possible, they always seem to lean and fall over if I am not on constant watch. Does this happen to you? An idea I saw was to add cubed shelving to the linen closet; then there would be cubbies for different needs. If you are remodeling, try this. Since I am not in a position to do that right now, even if it would be simple, I decided to look into similar solutions. I found this solution at Target, and I really liked this option because not only did it have enough shelving to store my essentials, but I can also visualize all my towels not falling out on my head. The best thing about bathroom armoires is that they can come in different styles and sizes to fit every home’s needs.


Common Mistake #4: Not Saving Time With Sorting

One of my pet-peeves is when there is a laundry hamper that is five feet away and the clothes are on the ground. Those with kids, I am sure you all experience this. The solution that I think is amazing is having a laundry chute that goes right to the laundry room. No need to have baskets hanging around, when you can put the clothes down a concealed chute right into the laundry room. Well, I am not that cool, and I haven’t quite figured out how to make that work for the layout of my home. But an idea I do like is to have a hamper with separate compartments. This is great if you have kids, or if you want to sort your laundry into different washes. Plus is it great because this model (shown below) is on wheels and the individual hampers are removable so it can be easily moved around the house. I have tested and proved, (sorry. there is not an “official” thesis to show) that by having a laundry hamper that is readily available, clothes will more likely make it where they’re supposed to go.

laundry sorter

These were some of my ideas to organize my bathroom storage. What has worked for you?

Nikki Mouille is a guest blogger from The Garage Transformers Inc. which is a garage storage and organization company helping homeowners in the Orlando area! (But I’ve got to say, she knows her bathroom stuff, too!) What a fantastic post! Thanks, Nikki! And I learned what that nifty cabinet that sits over the toilet is actually called: an etagere! (Mind you, I’ve been calling it “the cabinet that sits over the toilet” since the first time I saw one!)

So what is YOUR very best bathroom storage idea? Don’t hold back!

82 thoughts on “Organizing Bathroom Storage – A Guest Post!

  1. My master bathroom is small compared to today’s standards, so I have to use every inch of storage space available. Love this post on bathroom storage!

  2. All great ideas. My bathrooms are really small because my house is old (built in the 50’s), so there is no storage inside the bathrooms at all. I have linen closets outside, though.

  3. Great post, great ideas! I am a basket addict, I love them and probably have far too many, but they are great storage while keeping everything looking good 🙂

  4. Loved this post! I especially loved the cubic storage unit! We have a large closet with sliding doors that starts halfway up the wall. My dad was a genius! But inside we have no shelving and everything just topples over. Our bathroom is small otherwise, and I’ve been thinking about how to get it more organized for awhile now. Wonderful ideas!

  5. Great post! Love the ideas. I saved space with plastic bins with drawers that stack. I used to have baskets for everything, but the baskets ended up taking up more room than saving it. I also go through the bathroom once every few months and throw out anything I haven’t used/don’t need.

  6. Love this post! I have a very small bathroom and a cluttered closet which I use for various things-bathroom supplies, linens, makeup etc—-I definitely need a de-cluttering in there–those baskets might just help! Thank you.

  7. I am currently looking for the perfect storage unit for over my toilet. I have a great spot for a unit, but haven’t found the right one yet. LOL… it would be an ugly day if something of mine fell in the toilet.

  8. These are wonderful ideas. I have a laundry sorter and love it. I’ve been using it for years. Also in the bath I have a clear plastic box with sections. You could use it for make-up, but I use it for holding toothpastes and brushes. I tweeted!

  9. My bathroom is super tiny! Luckily I have a big hall closet to sort laundry in and keep towels and blow dryers and stuff in. It is constant battle to keep it organized! I wish my family would keep laundry sorted! But they won’t! LOL! These are great tips Kristen. Thank You.

  10. My bathroom is basically just a toilet and shower/bath almost touching it’s so close. I think we may need a storage to go over the toilet, to make shelving space, because we don’t have any in our bathroom.

  11. We do not have this fancy 3-Section Laundry Sorter, so I just use 3 different laundry baskets, works just as great, plus they can be in different corners wherever there is room.

  12. I live in an older home with two bathrooms, but one is referred to as 3/4 bath on the original plans. Neither bathroom is overly large, so storage is a definite challenge. The solution was to not store a bunch of stuff in there to being with. Each bathroom has its own towels to coordinate with the colors. Under sink storage is handled by plastic bins and the small drawer units that hold small items. Every member of the family using either of the bathrooms has his/her own drawer under the sink. Items needed to clean the bathrooms are also under the sink because there are no young children here. There are cabinet locks available if I need them. Additional towels are stored in the linen closet in the hall. This method has worked well for over 40 years. My smaller bathrooms mean less time spent cleaning and organizing them.

  13. I would give anything to wake up to at least one organized room, we just moved and it is still chaos. One area I have been looking for storage ideas is the bathroom, we have two that do not have a lot of storage and I apparently have more than I thought I did, lol.

    • Well, you have to give yourself some time to get it all together, for sure! I feel ya, though – when we moved in I had been saving so much stuff for “when we buy a house”. And then I didn’t need half of it. So…when we had our housewarming, I set out all the things we didn’t need, tagged them, and gave them away to our guests LOL They LOVED it!!!

  14. we moved into the best 3 bed house we have had yet 4 years ago with three children , now we have 7 due to an unfortunate event in 3 children lives and now have to look for somewhere bigger, we feel like sardines here , space is very important to comfort with us so need all the help we can get

  15. Great ideas for bathroom storage! I like everything tucked neatly away! Under my bathroom cabinets, I am using all sorts of sorting devices for organization, works like a charm. I also have a tension rod expanded inside the cabinet for hanging things on. I learned that on Pinterest and love that little tidbit 🙂

  16. You and me both on the laundry chute! Would love one! or one for the trash in the kitchen too. How cool would that be! I have a pretty small bathroom with really no storage. Almost everything goes in very small linen closet outside the bathroom, but I tend to put as much as possible ‘under’ the sink/vanity. I love this little under cabinet cart/storage you posted from bed bath and beyond. I really think this could work for me. Shirley (comment above) mentioned a tension rod for hanging things.. super idea too! Today is cleaning day… you’re gonna love this… my grandson has to work off some ‘teen’ mischief and he’s coming to clean my bathrooms (and a few other things) to work it off! I can’t wait to see his organizational skills!!! Hope he take after my daughter, not me!

    • I know, a laundry chute would be heaven! That and a kitchen trash chute are on my list for in the future when we build our dream home! (If that ever happens LOL) Oh my goodness, good luck to you and your grandson today! I wish I lived closer…he could come work here, too! LOL

  17. My bathrooms aren’t that big but I do try and utilize as much of the space that I can. I hate a cluttered or junky bathroom. I don’t mind seeing the kids room that way but would prefer if my bathrooms are kept clean. 🙂

  18. I love being organized also! These are great ideas and some of them I already do. I love the cabinet we have over the toilet and it really holds quite a bit. So far nothing has fallen into the toilet. 😉

  19. Thanks for the ideas, I am NOT happy with our new master in this house. I am thinking on how to improve this space very soon.

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