On Welcoming Newbies to the Neighborhood!

I had to laugh. I got our mail the other day and I pulled this out:


It’s a little packet of sorts from P&G – a kind of “welcome to the neighborhood.”

I laughed because we’ve lived in the neighborhood for over a year now!

Nevertheless, it was full of fun goodies!


I mean, you can’t beat that, right?!

It got me thinking about when we first moved to the neighborhood. We didn’t know anyone, so we did something a little unconventional. Well, my husband would say that I did something a little unconventional, because HE thought I was crazy! HA!

I baked cookies and took them to the neighbors.

I know, it sounds silly, because the neighbors are supposed to do that kind of thing for NEW people who move into the “hood”, not the other way around, right? Well, I’ve never been totally conventional.

It was a big hit! If you want to see more about that, check out this blog post I did on it: Hello, New Neighbors!  (Oh yeah, this blog post is complete with free printable tags and everything!)

And can I just say that we have awesome relationships with all of our neighbors now? We really do! In fact, it’s not uncommon for it to take me 30 minutes to go check the mail, or my hubby 30 minutes to take the trash out, because we’ve run into a neighbor who wants to stop and chat! And hey, if you’ve gotta live by them, you might as well be friends with them!

Now we’re not the newbies anymore, and I am totally the “Hi, I’m Kristen, and I baked you this pie! Welcome to the neighborhood!” type! I’ve gotta admit, I don’t want any of our neighbors to move, but if they do, I’m gonna be all over it when the new ones arrive!

What about you? Do you have neighbors? How do you keep a good relationship with them?

46 thoughts on “On Welcoming Newbies to the Neighborhood!

  1. This brought back some fond memories for me. When we moved from Charlotte to Macon back in 1967, the ‘Welcome Wagon’ still existed. I remember a nice lady coming to our home with some goodies. The only thing I do remember that she brought was a 6 pk. of Coke in the small bottles. Even at 9 yrs. old, I thought that was nice. My how the times have changed.
    Glad you did it the other way around, that is awesome!

  2. Great bunch of products!!Love your idea for making friends with Neighbours. Its been over a year now , I don’t know anybody near our house 🙁 But I always wanted to talk to them and make friends, may be I should try your idea to get new friends 🙂

    • Yes, you should! It’s nice to have good relationships with those around you! (If THEY’RE nice, too, of course! LOL)

  3. Somehow I missed your New Neighbors post, went over to read it! You are an awesome New Neighbor! We did not get a welcoming pie either (not from neighbors next door), and I did not think of such an awesome idea as you did. Love it!

  4. Our neighbors aren’t very friendly, but it may be because they don’t speak English very well. I did bake them cookies when they moved in and invited them to church (in case they didn’t have a church home) but in this instance, the old saying “good fences make good neighbors” will have to suffice. 🙂

    I think you’re very sweet to welcome your new neighbors and it was beyond awesome that you were the new neighbor and made it a point to take cookies over to meet your established neighbor.

    • Oh yes, the language barrier could be a problem! I don’t have that issue around me, so I’m not sure how I would handle that one. We do have a nice fence, and I do appreciate it, too LOL

  5. Our one neighbour is fantastic! Always telling our boys they love them and spoiling them! It is so nice – we have been so blessed!

  6. What a nice package to receive. We went from living in a neighborhood where the neighbors all knew each other and helped each other to an area where the neighbors all knew each other and avoided each other to an area where we know no one and prefer to keep it that way with where we are. Can not wait to move again to where we have no neighbors – sorry but ours now mow their lawns at 10:30 pm and play horribly loud music all day long and I just want to get away.

    • Oh goodness! That’s not a good situation to be in, Jennifer! I hope you find a great new nest soon!

    • Well, we have one of those! I’ve tried to make it a good thing – hey, if anything happens to our house, I know who will have seen it and who will tell us all about it LOL

  7. That’s a nice welcome package, even if it arrived a year after the fact! I think it’s great that you baked cookies for your neighbors. It’s a cool way to get to know the people around you. I’m surrounded by houses full of college kids. They come and go as each school year begins and ends.

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