On Trying New Restaurants When You’re Tired of Cooking

If you can believe it, these words came out of my mouth last night: “I’m just SO tired of COOKING!” My hubby sarcastically responded, “I can’t imagine why!” Let’s just say, between Thanksgiving, houseguests, now Christmas baking for gifts and gatherings, and it being my turn to take meals to those in our church who have had surgeries or new babies…mercy! My kitchen has been BUZZING! 

I knew I would have a reprieve over the weekend, as my husband normally likes to eat out at least once. In fact, that’s normally the hardest question we ask of one another: “Where do you want to eat?” “I don’t care…where do YOU want to eat?!” I guess if that’s the hardest part of our week, we’ll survive, right?!

But here lately we’ve been trying out some new places! And one of my favorite resources when finding said eateries is none other than Groupon!

For instance, we discovered The Gourmet Pizza Company over in Tampa a couple of months ago!


And just last month we enjoyed BJ’s Brewhouse over in Orlando. 


And the reason why I’ve been on the Groupon kick these days is because they give the PERFECT amount of info!

Of course, I’m always looking for gluten-free options, so that’s a big deal for us when trying out a new spot. When you look up a restaurant on Groupon, not only will you know if they have a gluten-free menu, but you’ll find out about vegetarian and vegan options, as well! Not to mention pertinent details on everything from parking to attire to catering, and you can read reviews and see photos from other diners, too! And, hey, if you get there and you decide it’s not what you were looking for, go right back to Groupon and you can find out about other nearby restaurants and deals – it’s really a one-stop shop all the way around.

So now, please excuse me while I go back and try to decide where we will go for dinner TONIGHT! HA!

How does YOUR family choose a new place to grab some grub?

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14 thoughts on “On Trying New Restaurants When You’re Tired of Cooking

  1. I’m right there with you, girl! I told my family a few days ago that I didn’t have time to cook because I had been cooking and doing photo shoots all day. I love Groupon! They have such fab deals and that dessert photo is really making me hungry.

  2. I totally understand how you feel! Some nights we have a “fend for yourself night” because I am tapped out and can not for the life of me figure out what to whip up for a meal. I am dying to try this new greek restaurant but who knows when that will happen. New is always better eh!

  3. I love trying a new restaurants. It’s so much fun to see if I like it or not, and if I do like I’ll come back again and again.

  4. We love to try new places all the time, I am a food blogger so in my area I get a lot of invitations for new restaurant offerings and menu updates. I guess I am a lucky gal =)

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