On the Road in September

Well, can you believe it?! It’s OCTOBER! Wow! So, as the tradition goes, let’s take a look at the previous month and see what the top five posts were here on The Road to Domestication in September.

1. Top Three “Recipes” for Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet (I’m pretty happy that this one was number one, because I worked SO HARD on that dang diet! HA!)


2. Zucchini Lasagna (This might just have been the yummiest from the past month, that’s for sure!)


3. Grout Cleaner Extraordinaire (I guess people like easy cleaning tips too, huh?)


4. Caramel Apple Cupcakes (Sweet treats, of course they made the list!)


5. On Recipe Organization (Kind of a food theme running through all this, huh?)


And there’s your top 5! Did you catch all of these? Which one was your favorite?

16 thoughts on “On the Road in September

  1. I would have to say I like the recipe organizer as my favorite! I’ve tried recipe boxes, lots of cookbooks, etc. But, with today’s power of the internet I sure don’t need the books any more. However, all those print outs and scribbled recipes on sticky notes were getting lost. Having recipes organized in a binder is a much better way for me. I like your note about organizing in the way that make sense to YOU.

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