On the Road in October

Well, due to the series we had going on the first week of November, we’re just now getting to the monthly “On the Road” post! It’s now November 13. WOW. Where in the world is the time going?! As the tradition goes, let’s take a look at the previous month and see what the top five posts were here on The Road to Domestication in October. Ready?

1. Make Your Own Laundry Cream…like these folks did! – This was a fantastic story about a couple who set out on a new venture together!


2. On Cutting Corners – In this one I took a “from-scratch” recipe and showed you how to make it just a lil’ easier!


3. On Re-Organizing the Pantry – One of my favorite posts of the month! I’m still so happy with the way my pantry turned out!


4. Pumpkin & Cheese Spice Bread – This was definitely a YUMMY post!


5. A Prayer for Busy Women – I’m glad this one was one of the favorites of the month, because I need to be reminded of this often! And who doesn’t love a free printable?!


Well, there they are! The top 5 posts of October! Did YOU like them? Which one was your favorite?

38 thoughts on “On the Road in October

  1. I love the post about reorganizing the pantry. If you were to see mine, I think you’d faint. πŸ˜‰ I think pantry and freezer should be on my weekend to do list! You have inspired me.

  2. I’m always a sucker for pantry organization. It’s one of my favourite things to pin as well. I’ve been contemplating making my own laundry detergent and saved this link…Just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet lol. Some day.

  3. Kristen – Thank you once again for featuring Dot’s Sunbeam Laundry Cream on you blog last month. It was a lot of fun speaking with you about our family and a product that we personally love and stand behind. My wife and I pray for continued success for you and your blog. Happy Washing!

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