On the Road in November

Yep, you read that right. With all the Christmas craziness, I never got the chance to give you the top five posts in November! So, there’s no time like the present!

1. Day 2 of the Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever!Β – I’m thrilled that this one made the list, since myself and other contributors worked so hard on this series!


2. Mom’s Homemade Soup – My mom will be excited over this one! Her homemade soup recipe, perfect for these chilly days!


3. Day 5 of The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever! – Wohoo! Another one of the series! And this one has the links for ALL the recipes!

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4. Chocolate Gravy – Looks like we were pretty much all about food this month, right? This is another great one!


5. Creativity Meets Inspiration with “She Wears Love” – This was an awesome story about a woman who took her heartache and turned it into something beautiful – literally!


There you have it! Did you miss any of the above?

Make sure you stop back in tomorrow – we’ll be checking out the top five posts for the month of DECEMBER!

28 thoughts on “On the Road in November

  1. My hubby grew up eating chocolate gravy. I had never heard of it until he mentioned it one day. My daughter found the recipe and made it for him. All of your food looks delish!

  2. oh, yummm!! The soup looks delicious! I will have to make it up in the crock pot! And the chocolate gravy looks so fabulous! My children would love it. I’m sure my husband will too!

  3. Only 9am here as I read this but COLD and windy and snowy.. brrrr.. I can’t shake the chills.. Your soup recipe looks like it may be my cure! I remember seeing this when you posted previously but boy does it look like it could warm my old bones right now!

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