On the Road in March!

I feel like I start every one of these posts with the same kind of phrasing: “I can’t believe we’ve already gone through another month.”

But it’s TRUE! And here we are, having just finished out the first quarter of 2015. If you have a goal for this year, folks, get it done! Times a wastin’!

Lots happening here on the blog in the past month! Without further ado, here are the top posts:

1. More Reasons to Love Hometalk – I’m telling y’all, if you haven’t started using Hometalk, you’re missing out! Which is evident by the number of views on THIS post!


2. DIY Flower Project – Courtesy of Bloominous – This post really was perfect for Spring! And I’m still thinking of ideas for how to use these awesome flower kits!

DIY Floral Arrangements Promo 1

3. Kitchen Cleaning Tips – I actually cleaned my kitchen (I mean, CLEANED IT!) using some of the tips in this post over the weekend! Check it out if you haven’t yet!

Kitchen-cleaning-tips-Promo 2

4. Spring Cleaning…with Kids – Are you sensing a theme here?! This is a great post if you don’t know how you’re gonna get any cleaning done with the kids around!

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 10.10.08 PM

5. Do You Believe in Winks…or Wonders – I must say, I’m thrilled this one made it to the top five! Every once in a while, my introspective side comes out, and I’m happy that you all enjoyed it!


I hope all of you have enjoyed March as much as I have! And now? On to April!

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at Kristen@theroadtodomestication.com. I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

5 thoughts on “On the Road in March!

  1. These are all great posts and I’m with you, “What happened to March?” I had actually missed a couple of these – don’t know why. So glad you do this every month.

  2. I just sent the link to your DIY flowers post to my step daughter. She’s planning her wedding and looking for ways to save on all aspects. Looking into Bloominous will give her some great ideas! Thanks for doing the roundup!

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