On the Road in July

I’ve seen a few other folks do a recap of their previous month at the beginning of a new month, so I thought I might jump on the bandwagon. You’ll let me know what you think, right? Here are the top ten posts (in no particular order) that folks liked here On the Road in July!

1. Fabulous Find (If you’ve been on the blog for a while you know I like to do a “Fabulous Find” everyone once in a while, where I share a product that I just LOVE with everyone! Apparently you all love this one, too!)


2. Got Color? (Here we talked about awesome color schemes!)


3. My Discouraging Dining Dilemma (I revealed my dining room and talked about ideas I had for it, and you all added ideas, as well!)


4. New Printable! (I created a printable of a song that is close to my heart, and it resonated with you, too!)

Precious Lord Printable

5, 6, & 7. Over the Weekend(s) (One, Two, Three) (When I first started doing these “Over the Weekend” posts on Mondays…since I don’t post on the weekend…and basically talking about what I got done over the weekend as far as projects go, I wasn’t sure how they would fly, Turns out you guys like ’em!)


8. Planner Dilemma Solved (I felt so much better when I found out so many of you were struggling with the same thing I was when it came to staying organized with proper scheduling!)


9. Stubb’s Review & Giveaway! (Well, obviously this one was a big one! Oh, and there will be another giveaway up by the end of this week! Hmmm…what will it be?!)

Close steak

10. The To-Do List (I think everyone could relate to this one!)


Well, what do you think? Did you get to check all of these out? Make sure you blitz through them if you missed them!

8 thoughts on “On the Road in July

  1. I love the recap, I was thinking about doing this myself. Your planner post inspired me to get my own. I now have a lovely planner that’s by my side always. It’s been fun to put everything in it. It makes me feel productive! You had a lot of great posts this month!

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