On the Road in January

I literally had to take a second look at the calendar when I realized it was February. FEBRUARY. Where on earth did the first month of 2014 go to?! I’m not at all sure, but, it’s time to look back on January and see what was the biggest deal here on the blog! Here are the top five posts!

1. On Packing Up the Holiday Decor – Out the gate with a bang! This was the first post of 2014, and everyone seemed to love it! (Maybe it was the free printables, ha!)

Christmas Decor Inventory Printable

2. 3-Ingredient Gluten-Free Cookies – I think everyone got excited over this one because there were only three ingredients to make COOKIES!


3. One Word for 2014 – I first told myself people liked this post because they were inspired by the word I chose for 2014…then I realized that this one had free printables, too. So…there ya go. I guess I need to get work on some more printables, huh?

Peace 3

4. On Planning the Night Before – Hopefully this one just provided some good information for everyone!

On Planning the Night Before

5. The Top 7 Germiest Places in Your Home! – It very well may be that people were shocked and horrified at this post, and they couldn’t take their eyes away from it! HA!


And there ya have it! Great month here at the Road to Domestication! Now, on to February!

94 thoughts on “On the Road in January

  1. I love how you have this month review! If I ever start posting as often as you, I will have to remember this! 🙂 I have to go check out the germiest places now. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been blogging enough, especially since we are launching the second book in the series. So I signed up for NaBloPoMo and Blog Challenge this month to kick-start the book PR.

  3. February and that darn groundhog was correct–it has been snowing here all day and is still snowing!! I really do like that you recapped the posts from January-that way if I missed one I will know.

  4. How did I miss the cookie post?! I’ve been looking for a super simple gluten-free recipe for ages now! Do you know if it will be any good if I use a cookie cutter? Or will it flatten out or deform in the oven?

  5. I am with you and can not believe that January is already over – why does time have to fly by so quickly. I missed the cookies so I am glad you did a re-cap, I will head over and check them out – 3 ingredients hope I have all three.

  6. I must have missed that 3 ingredient cookie because I so don’t remember it. As for the germiest place in the house, I remember reading it and I’m one of those people who couldn’t believe it. Can’t wait to see what January brings.

  7. You wrote some great posts in January. I especially love the word you chose for 2014. PEACE is something that I’ve been working a lot on lately. We’ve had a very rough past couple of months for numerous reasons but God keeps reminding me of His peace that He wants to give me. Actually the name we have chosen for our daughter (if we have a girl!) means peace and even if we end up having a boy and don’t get to use it, it’s been meaningful in my life these past couple of months as a reminder that everything really is going to be alright. God will never abandon us!

  8. January was a great month for The Road to Domestication 🙂 Lots of great posts with awesome info. Of course I still have nightmares about the germs as if they’re growing bugs out of my ears. I really must just get an antibacterial exterminator in here ! I’m sure my dogs bring in all kinds of funky things too. ewwww!!!

  9. January did disappear didn’t it?!!? It’s all just a blur! lol One thing is for sure I loved those cookies. My hubby devoured them all. I can’t wait to hear what is in store for February! 😛

  10. Lots of great informative posts there! I wish I had thought to do an inventory as I packed my Christmas stuff away. It would make next year so much easier.

  11. Awesome recap, I’d love to do a monthly recap on my blog! I really like your gluten free cookies post! Also the germiest places post because I’m such a germaphobe!

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