On the Road in August!

Here are the top five posts (in no particular order) that folks liked here On the Road in August! (Can you believe it’s already September?!)

1. Passing the Test on Back to School Organization (Wohoo!!! This was my post from our Back to School Blog Hop, so I’m so thrilled that everyone liked it so much!)


2. On Having House Guests (Summer is the time when everyone visits, right? Be prepared!)


3. Cake Boss Wannabe (My favorite cakes to bake! Hopefully all of you are testing them out, too!)

4. A Trip to HomeGoods (Y’all must like shopping and decorating as much as I do!)


5. Stoked About South Beach! (This one is really an encouragement to me…especially half-way into week two! Thank you guys for all your comments, shares and likes on this one especially!)

Well, what do you think? Did you get to check all of these out? Make sure you blitz through them if you missed them!

16 thoughts on “On the Road in August!

  1. Hey Kristen. These ideas rock! I especially enjoyed going back to the link for Back to School Organization. Designating a space in the mudroom for the backpack definitely keep us all more organized. Thanks for the tips!!

  2. I’m going to comment on #5 – South Beach…Um, I ate 3 cupcakes today. LOL! I’m not beating myself up which is a change for the good. The bad/good for me is that I have to make it up by adding a workout that does not mentally register as a punishment. I hope I made sense saying that. I think a Zumba class would be a fitting and fun opportunity. So if you get off track one day, make your “punishment” fun and dance while you vacuum. Stay encouraged!

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