On the Road in April


Well, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on May 1, so it really is true: May has arrived! To celebrate, let’s take a look back on the top five posts here on the blog in the month of April, shall we?

1. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo… – Sadly, this giveaway is over, but the great idea for a yummy Cinco de Mayo snack is still alive…and hey, Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow! Check out this post for a great idea, if you haven’t seen it already! 


2. Fun Snacks for Healthy Kids – This one was a ton of fun, and I think we all can agree that adults would enjoy these yummies, too! Some great ideas here, if you haven’t seen this post.


3. Springtime on My Front Porch – It made me smile that so many people liked this one! I guess we were all pretty ready for Spring, huh? If you need some cheering up, feel free to stop by!


4. 5 Must-Haves for the Organized Mom – This post is part of the Summer Must Haves for Mom event, which is still live right now! (If you haven’t been over there yet, you definitely want to pop in – awesome prizes and a fantastic linky! You can find the link in this post.)


5. Growing a Gardener – Another Spring-related post, which was pretty pertinent, because I’m sure the kids were just as ready for Spring as the adults were, ha! If you have any little green thumbs in your life, this post is for you!

How to Garden with Your

So that’s what happened here On the Road in April…now, let’s dive into May!

Which one of these posts did you relate to the most?

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at Kristen@theroadtodomestication.com. I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

7 thoughts on “On the Road in April

  1. April vanished without a trace! I blinked and it was gone! We need to slow down a little bit and enjoy life one day at a time don’t we. Time is going by too quickly.

  2. Where in the world did April go? Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! I can never pick a favorite blog post of yours – I love them all!!

  3. They all look pretty interesting! I would definitely like to read about gardening with kids! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board

  4. Well, I think I missed two of them but will check them out- the gardening with kids and Sortime on your Porch. However, I did plant a little with the kids and need to do some more and also some porch dress-up! From the ones I read, I really liked the healthy snacks one!

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