On Re-Organizing the Pantry

Although the pantry in our home now is MUCH bigger and better than the one we had in our apartment, it’s still pretty easy for things to clutter up in there.

The first time I went to The Container Store, I saw something that I KNEW would help, but I just wasn’t prepared to purchase it then. I hadn’t been able to get it off my mind (have you been there?) so when I took a couple friends to The Container Store last weekend for their first experience, I was well-prepared to purchase. I even had a gift card, a coupon, AND there was a sale!

Here’s the pantry before:


Granted, it’s not horrible, but it was bad enough to where I wasn’t looking forward to holiday baking. Everything was all mixed up, I couldn’t see most of it, and things were CONSTANTLY falling because of these shelves:


Things don’t sit straight on wire shelving. Things lean, and sometimes fall, and sometimes fall and break…it’s just not ideal.

So, while at The Container Store, I purchased a fabulous Elfa shelving system. Oh, it’s wonderful! And it only took me about 10 minutes to install! Check it out…


See it hanging on the door? White wire, just like the other one, but I was able to make space in the pantry by relocating to this rack all of my packets, oils, syrups, vinegars, cans and condiments.

As far as the issues with the wire shelves that were already in place, I found a solution at Walmart:


It’s a special roll of foam-like shelving-paper-like material that is thick and, once set on wire shelving, makes them almost as good as a board shelving. Lifesaver, I say!

Once that stuff was out of the way, I could re-organize the rest of the pantry and place all the items left into categories:


Ah, so much better!


I know this sounds completely ridiculous, but I have opened this pantry about 10 times so far, just to look at it. Yes I have. **SIGH**

I’m so thrilled with how it all turned out! How do you keep YOUR pantry organized?

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60 thoughts on “On Re-Organizing the Pantry

  1. Man, thats a nice change. I now feel convicted on how my pantry looks. I may have to do something about that! My pantry isn’t as big as yours, but I keep it “semi” organized. I guess I’ll but this on my “To Do” list. Lovely post!

  2. Okay, so I totally need this. I have a closet where I keep all my appliances, extra foods and anything else I can shove in there to get it out of sight. The Container Store looks like it might be my next step to an organized home.

  3. That looks great! Well done! I love Elfa but itΒ΄s so expensive here in Denmark. I do have that door rack system on two of my doors. I have a very small pantry and the organization of it is up for revision soon. I know that Elfa has some clear plastic shelf liners, but I like how you used the foam boards.

  4. I love an organized pantry. I have the same wire shelving and it drives me nuts! I would really like to get some wooden shelving put in there. I have one of those clear plastic “shoe holder” things that hangs on the inside of my door. It’s perfect for packets and stuff that don’t need to be in boxes – Pop Tarts, oatmeal, fruit snacks, small extract bottles, etc. It’s wonderful and cost me about $6! =] I also have one hanging in my linen closet and that’s where I store my shampoo bottles, body wash, extra razors, etc. Amazing.

  5. I actually just reorganized ours about a month ago. I am with you about the wire shelving I think that would be a pain. It looks like the foam works wonders for it though. I know the container store has so MANY options for just about everything you can imagine. Your pantry looks really nice.

  6. Awesome idea! It looks simple and effective. I have never heard of the “Container Store”, I will have to check them out. I love great ideas for storage and reusing items you have or can get cheap like old chest of drawers or vintage hoosier cabinets. Its always neat to see what people do with pieces from our antiques mall. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Unfortunately I have a bi-fold pantry door. Did you happen to see anything at the
    Container store that might work with those?.

  8. It does look amazing. I feel so much better about cooking when I am organized! That is why while I am blogging, my husband is cleaning the kitchen! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Carli! I’m with you, I love to cook in a clean and organized space! (Although if my husband cleaned and organized it, God love him, I wouldn’t be able to find anything LOL. He keeps the rest of the house cleaned and organized, though!)

  9. Looks great! I have a similar system to the ELFA system you are using on the door. Mine is on the wall and it doesn’t adjust but it works perfectly well in my pantry. I also have a shoe organizer on the pantry door that holds hot chocolate and oatmeal packets, granola bars, popcorn and anything else that won’t fit on the shelf. Sure frees up a lot of space when you can use the door! Nice job!

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  11. I love this! What great tips for solving shelving problems. I’m right there with you on the wire shelving thing; they can be a pain. And can you ever have too many shelves? I don’t really think so. I’m so glad this post was included in your “On the Road in October” so that I could find it. This post was published during pumpkin carving season, so I missed it… Glad I found it now. I’m off to check out that Organizing Link Party–how cool! πŸ™‚

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