On Re-Organizing the Office Closet

A few weeks ago, our worship pastor’s wife shared something with some of the ladies on a retreat. She shared that she recently learned that “good enough is perfect.”

See, she had these bookshelves that she was trying to organize, and she couldn’t get them exactly the way she wanted them. Eventually, she realized that she had become obsessed with making these bookshelves “perfect”, and she was tired. She finally decided that they were only “good enough”…and then decided that “good enough is perfect”.

Her revelation turned into a bit of a standard comment around our church ladies circles – good enough is perfect. And ladies started posting pictures of their bookshelves on Facebook. And it all turned into quite the thing.

So I took a look at the only set of bookshelves we have at the house. And I must admit, I was a bit appalled.


(First of all, at the quality of the pic, I’m appalled, ha! It’s a cell phone pic, please excuse it!)

Second of all, I mean, I knew it wasn’t organized. I was well aware of that. But the PICTURE of it was almost too much. I knew I had to get it under control.

But the problem is, when I organize things, I like to do it in a specific way. With boxes and baskets and things that all look the same so everything ends up very uniform and works well together. And with the stuff that needed to be stored in this closet, there was just no way to make it all flow together.

So, good enough just had to be perfect in this case.

Here’s what I came up with:


I can breathe normally looking at this again! Whew!

Let’s start at the top…


On the left you see all my materials for my Clever Container business, pretty much all in the black box. Then you see artificial flowers in vases, which I use for props and around the house a lot, too. (Since I’m allergic to live flowers, but still love flowers around the house!) Then you see tons of boxes of products we’ve purchased! (We keep them for a while, just in case anything is wrong with them and they need to be returned.)

And have I mentioned that I even use wall space in closets?


That’s my “wheels” for lugging around photography gear!

And here’s my tripod.


My photography business paperwork and camera bag sit atop the shelf on the right…


…and somehow I missed an up-close shot of the top of the shelf on the left. It’s just backdrops, a black one and a white one.

Moving down, we have extra electronics, tons of paper supplies and general binders for household documents.


Next door we have props, equipment, portfolios and…CoCo the black kitty.


She loves to help me organize. True story.

Oh, and I keep my backdrop in this closet, too.


So, there you have it. Not exactly how I would like it, but good enough. And good enough is perfect!


I do like that I have a few extra empty spots left, so, if I have to add something to the closet, there’s still room – I wouldn’t have to squeeze it in there.

What about you? Have you had to organize something just “good enough”? Not “perfect”? That’s okay sometimes, right?

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38 thoughts on “On Re-Organizing the Office Closet

  1. Seriously, we moved into our new home last year around October and we have already accumulated a lot of JUNK! I have been musing over and over in my head about rearranging things but just could not figure out where to start. I bought a small computer desk to organize the computer work area but hubby has not put it up yet. It is just sitting there. Yep, I need to remember “Enough is Perfect”! By the way, sorry you are allergic to live flowers..what a bummer!

    • Yes, YOU are quite the bookworm! We have a few books, but they’re placed all over the house. Our main book stash is on electronic devices. I have a Kindle and my hubby has an iPad. Yep, we’re THOSE people LOL

  2. I need to organize my pantry. My Hubs likes to buy food in bulk so I end up with more food than I have room for. I did go through some of the food and gave anything with sugar in it to my Granddaughter. That is about as far as I have gotten.

    • We are blessed with tons of storage space in this house, and I STILL don’t buy in bulk. Maybe I should – I just haven’t gotten into it. But you’ve made a good start getting rid of the sugar! Our pantry looks much different now than it used to before we were trying to get healthy! Now you’ll find rice cakes to snack on instead of chips, ha!

  3. Love the using walls in closet idea! Unfortunately almost all of my cleaning/organization efforts are “good enough.” I keep thinking that someday I will be able to take a week off of work and get my house in tip top shape. Hasn’t happened yet šŸ™

  4. Look how organized you are! šŸ™‚ On my blog, I always teach the Flylady philosophy, “Housework done imperfectly still blesses your home” – I fully believe in doing what is comfortable for you! ~Renee

  5. I don’t know a lot about feng shui, but have read that it can change you whole life. Organization just makes everything easier and less stressed. Your closet looks amazingly peaceful, even kitty likes it! lol!

  6. That looks great! I reorganized my pantry and now, after a few months and with the kids prowling through it, it looks the same as before. And you cat looks just like one of mine! šŸ™‚

  7. Goodness, that closet looks great. You and Coco did a great job. I need you to come do my office closet. My before picture is significantly worse šŸ™‚ Our house is for sale so we are doing some organizing and cleaning out, such a chore!

  8. Great post! There’s a book “Good Enough is the New Perfect” that is so fitting for some of your posts. I freind of mine was going on and on about it. I love that your cat helps you organize things! When things are organized I feel like I can think better. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I would have to say I’ve had about two years of Good enough. After baby number 2 thanks went crazy in our life. We have moved three times. One was a temporary move where we kept our stuff in storage. So we have had to live on good enough. Granted, I love when things are neatly organized and put away. But I have to be content with the amount of time I have to do those things. Good enough!

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