On Prepping for the Competition

Well, it’s that time again! I’m prepping for this year’s Florida Strawberry Festival!

The Florida Strawberry Festival is held each year in Plant City, which is the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World, believe it or not, and features entertainment (like Little Big Town and Rascal Flatts), exhibits, rides, and TONS of competitions. Competitions from the Strawberry Queen pageant, all the way through agriculture, right on down to crafts and baked goods. You can visit their website HERE for more info!

I’ve been attending the Festival since I was…well…since I was! HA! The hubby and I actually have been working the information booth as volunteers there for years. And I’ve always wanted to participate in some of the competitions, but I was never able to…until last year.

Last year I entered Strawberry Shortcake Cookies into the Neighborhood Village Baking Competition in the cookie category, and I won second place! I was beside myself! (And I blogged about it HERE, in case you want to check it out! This was over on the OLD blog!)




So this year, I’m out for first!

But I’m trying to choose between three recipes:

  • Lime Sugar Cookies (with Pumpkin Seeds)
  • Potato Chip Cookies
  • Mini Strawberry Pie Cookies

Whatcha think? The main things I want to make sure of is that the cookie is unique, that it isn’t too overwhelming to prep and that it doesn’t need refrigeration. OH, and that it doesn’t involve a cake mix.

So what’s YOUR favorite from the above list? Why? Do you have any other suggestions for me? Time to break out all your UNIQUE cookie recipes and see if they’re prize-winning!

114 thoughts on “On Prepping for the Competition

  1. They look amazing. Mine would be traditional strawberry pie, something about that really takes me back to my childhood. Goof food and great memories. Good Luck!

  2. The mini strawberry pie cookies sound good–I love fruit pies so I know I would go for these–the lime one sounds good as well but not sure if the addition of seeds might throw some people off

  3. Those look really yummy! Since I’m a lime lover, I would go with the lime sugar cookie; however, since it is the Strawberry Festival, maybe you should go with the strawberry pie cookie (it seems to be everyone else’s favorite!) Good luck and let us know how you did!

  4. Those cookies look delicious! For this year, I’d go with the lime cookies. I’ve never had a lime cookie before, so it sounds really original. Good luck!!

  5. Are all baked goods supposed to have strawberries for the Strawberry Festival? My vote would be for the strawberry pie cookies though regardless. The lime cookies sound delicious, and I’ve never thought of using pumpkin seeds in cookies. Do you use them whole or chop them?

    Also, I couldn’t get your link to the Strawberry Shortcake Cookies to work. πŸ™ I checked out your old blog…wow have you come a long way baby!

    I sure would LOVE this cookie recipe! πŸ™‚

    Life With Lorelai

  6. I would love to attend a strawberry festival! It sounds sooooo yummy! I am shooting for the Mini Strawberry Pie cookies (since they are strawberry themed. I wish you the best… and of course I can’t wait for you to share the recipes! πŸ˜›

  7. The potato chip ones sounds unique, but since it is a Strawberry Festival maybe the pie ones? They all sound good! Do you have to make the recipe up as well? Are these all Kristen specials or did you find the recipes somewhere?

  8. Our Strawberry Festivals are in June around here. I usually end up working as a vendor at festivals instead of enjoying them. I wonder if I could vend and enter a baking contest? Good luck with yours.

  9. oh, those look yummo! I’m in with everyone who says potato chip cookies! πŸ™‚
    Every year we plan on going, but always something comes up and we end up not getting there! Hopefully this year! maybe we could even meet up there πŸ™‚

  10. This is one of those events that I am kicking myself for not getting to. I have lived in Florida my entire life and am finally getting ready to leave it. There are so many things like this I wish I had gone to do now. I hope you win this year, your cookies – I say the LIme Sugar Cookies or the Mini Strawberry Pie cookies as they are very unique! – Good Luck.

  11. I think either the strawberry mini pie recipe sounds great to me!! That strawberry recipe from last year looked fab! Good luck!

  12. We have a strawberry festival each year, and we love going! I’d love to see you make the Potato Chip Cookies! Sound yummy!

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