On Planning a Party or a Project – TWO FREE PRINTABLES INCLUDED!

I’m in the throes of planning our Housewarming Drop-In for this weekend, and I wanted to share something with you all that really helps me when I do things of this nature.

See, I’m one of those “I need to write this down” types of people. It helps me to see it on paper, and I also like to cross it off once I accomplish it! That’s why I’m so thankful for Jen over at IHeart Organizing! She creates these fantastic printables that are complete lifesavers!

So, the one I’m using for the Housewarming Drop-In is called the Organizing Project Planning Worksheet. It was created for organizing projects, but I just happen to be using it for planning this event, as well…since I see it as a “project”! It’s a bright and cheerful six pages – that just will not upload correctly for me here on the blog, so you’ll just have to CLICK HERE to download it! If you want to see how Jen uses it, CLICK HERE!

As you look at it, you’ll see it’s 6 pages long, with specific areas on each page for you to fill in your details – everything from measurements to items you are going to donate/sell, to an inventory sheet and a shopping list! It’s pretty detailed, but I NEED detailed, lest I forget something!

Now, if you need something a bit more simple for your next gathering, check out this awesome Party Plan Printable from Eleven Magnolia Lane. I use this for gatherings during the holidays, birthday parties, showers and other gatherings. It’s just right!


I hope these are helpful to you in all your planning endeavors!

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