On Painting a Console Table

One of my favorite things to look at on Pinterest (FIND ME THERE BY CLICKING HERE) or Hometalk (FIND ME THERE BY CLICKING HERE) is PAINTED FURNITURE. Actually, I even have an entire board on Hometalk devoted to refinished furniture! And when I come across a blog featuring some painted furniture, I always stop and look at that, too. I’m not sure why the fascination, but I give in every time!

So finally, I decided to paint something myself. I was a bit nervous, because I had heard that it was a bit of work, and if you didn’t get it just so, it would be ruined. 

What did I paint, you ask?

Do you remember our Master Bedroom Tour from July? (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT IF YOU MISSED IT!) Well, there was a console table involved…


Yeah, that one! A friend of my mother-in-law was going to throw it out, right around the time we were moving from our apartment into our house, so my mother-in-law brought it with her on moving day, in case we had somewhere we could use it.


Overall, it’s a pretty table! Sturdy and a good size and I like the little details, too!

But, as you can see, it just didn’t match…ANYTHING.

Sooo…as I’m in the midst of redecorating our bedroom to this…


…I decided to take the leap and PAINT that console table!

Upon my declaration, my husband promptly declared that he “had to work that day”. HA! (He gets nervous when I try to do a project that I haven’t attempted before, because he knows just how irritated I will be if I mess it up!) So, I had to secure the assistance of another helper:


She actually wasn’t much help, to be perfectly honest! 

As you can see, in trying to simplify the process, I chose a Glidden High Endurance Interior Paint – this is Glidden’s version of paint that has the primer mixed right into it!

As you can also see, I’m in need of an electric sander…but that’s another story for another day.

I did ONE light sanding all over the piece, and that was it. (That was quite enough for me, let me just say.) The sanding alone might deter me from doing any more furniture painting, but I survived nonetheless.

Here we are part-way through:


See all those slats and the details on the legs? This is why it only got ONE sanding! HA!

You can also see that my helper abandoned me before the project was completed.

It’s okay. I’m dealing.

So here’s a sneak peek at the final product!


You can see that it’s not perfect…but I kinda like it like that? If I had gone for another coat, I’m sure I could have made it look perfect, but I like it with a peeks of wood showing through!


You can still see the scratches and such…but I think that gives it character, don’t you? And yes, I added some different knobs! They are yellow ceramic – my hubby actually found them at the lovely Hobby Lobby!


The hardest part to paint was the legs, of course, much like the sanding.


So there you have it! One step closer to being able to reveal our new Master Bedroom decor! The last few steps of the process involve a lot of PAINT. Wish me luck!

Have YOU ever painted furniture? Do tell! What’s your best tip?!

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19 thoughts on “On Painting a Console Table

  1. Wow that came out just beautiful! I think it looks wonderful. I’ve got a few pieces I’d love to paint in our house. Especially this dark old hutch we have an a dark old stand I have too!

  2. My goodness you have a done a great job here & this looks absolutely fabulous honestly. The best thing I love about it is the color which stands out so beautiful to give it a great look over all.

  3. I never painted furniture before but I have a couple of tables I have been thinking about painting. You make it look so easy and yes I love the look of the wood peeking through the paint!

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