On Organizing Jewelry

So…I have a dirty little secret. **SIGH**


Well, that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to look like. But here lately, it’s been looking like this:


It’s where I keep my jewelry. And this may not look so bad, until you realize that I wear jewelry every single day. And this mess was really becoming a time consumption in the mornings while getting ready for work!

See what I mean?


I could easily spend upwards of 10 minutes trying to get that blue necklace untangled from all the other ones…and then I would have to stop and find the matching earrings!


Once upon a time I had everything separated into it’s own box – everything had a place.


No longer.


I had taken to shoving long pieces in sandwich bags to keep them from tangling up with others…


And I don’t even know how spare change and ribbon and bobby pins got in there…**SIGH**

So, this is what it normally looked like after I left for work:


Which CoCo the kitty LOVED. She’s a thief, I tell you. I was finding jewelry all over the house.

So I knew I needed a solution.

At first I wanted this:


Then I thought something like this would be fun:


But then I found a very simple solution:


Easy, cost-effective and simple. I haven’t re-done the closet as far as decorating yet, so I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I was going to have to change later, ya know?

Sooo…here are the “after” pics!








First of all, what do you think? And I’m well aware of the fact that I have too much jewelry – no need to tell me about that! (Can you believe that I had gotten rid of some of it?!) Now, this is just my costume jewelry. All my fine jewelry is stored safely away.

I was pretty happy with the results – I might need another one, ha!

How do you organize YOUR jewelry?

54 thoughts on “On Organizing Jewelry

  1. I have a lovely necklace holder that a treasured friend gave me 🙂 I bought two clear boxes with small compartments that were intended for crafts storage (beads and such) and use those to store my earrings. They work perfectly!

  2. I love your choice in earrings…….and everything else. 🙂 I have a lot of jewelry jumbled in a beautiful bowl and have been looking for a solution. LOL. Great great idea. Did I miss the link to purchase something like this? I would not even know where to start to find something.
    Thanks and blessings to you,
    ~Heather @ The Welcoming House Blog

  3. Some jewellery is in a proper jewellery box, but the stuff I wear most often hangs on decorative tacks, knocked into the inside of the wardrobe door. That way, you open your wardrobe, grab your clothes and look immediately for what to put with them…
    Funnily enough, each of the tacks isn’t colour coded like yours, but ‘typed’; glass nuggets on this one, statement pendants on this one, long beaded pendants on the next…
    I do get a bit lazy though, and often leave them on the bedside table at night. Then I have a tidying spree…

    • That sounds so pretty, Katherine! (And I used to get lazy, too…until we got CoCo the kitty…who is literally a cat burglar. She stole my wedding ring one night, and I’ve never left anything on the bedside table since then LOL)

  4. Love it! I want to make a “picture frame version” for myself, I just haven’t gotten around to it. In our master bedroom there’s a hallway that leads to the closet and it would be the perfect place to put one up and store my costume jewelry. When you’re standing at the master bedroom door looking into the room, you see one wall of the hallway that I want to make into a gallery wall, but the other side I would love to do a DIY pretty frame jewelry holder. I also have a Pottery Barn mirror that someone gave me that could right next to the jewelry holder so I have a little area for me to do my accessories. =]

  5. Awesome ideas. I’m not much of a jewelry person but I have friends who are. They could use some of the tips that you’ve shared. Thanks for this!

  6. I use craft storage boxes with little compartments and organize according to color or jewelry set. I also use craft boxes for my beads and charms. Been doing this for years and it works great.

  7. I love this. I don’t have as much jewelry, probably because it breaks when I jam in in little and boxes ALL OVER the house! I tend to hang my neclaces on anything.. hooks in the bathroom, door knobs, kitchen cabinet knobs.. oh, it’s awful! A part of my recently suspected Granny ADD! This is a perfect solution, one I think even I could handle!! Where did you get this?

  8. Thank you for including the link. I have a velvet-lined drawer in my closet for jewelry, but that doesn’t include earrings…I use an earring tree for them, but i don’t really like it.

  9. First of all, I don’t think you have too much jewelry. I love having different accessories for my mood! Second, my jewelry looks just like your before pics 🙁 This idea is fabulous. I wish they had something like it for the closet. You have some really pretty and fun stuff there!

  10. That looks really pretty. I like your idea of using the closet door better than your first two choices you showed us. My husband always wants to buy me jewelry. Since I have a toddler and a baby, I have told him to wait a few years. So at the current time, I barely have jewelry.

  11. I think u need more. I have mine hanging on hooks all over my jewelry room, and some in both bathrooms, and my bed room also, plus I make it so it is all over my house, lol

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