On Making a Home Decor U-Turn

Sometimes, what you’re trying to do in a certain room in your house just doesn’t…work. Have you ever had that happen? It doesn’t happen to me too often, but when it does…boy, and I STUCK. And I hate that!!!

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Here’s a very non-artistic photo of our kitchen:


Why this photo? Because it shows the color of the cabinets and granite, and the colors of the appliances. And here’s where I was trying to go in my kitchen:


If you think these items are from the Pioneer Woman’s line of products, then you would be absolutely correct. I LOVE her things. So bright and cheerful and colorful and happy…and totally too much for the busy that is already happening in my kitchen. I mean, can you SEE the clash of granite against pattern?! Ugh. As much as I loved the idea of it…it just wasn’t working. 

I was STUCK. I was in desperate need of some fresh inspiration. And I thought to myself, I REALLY need to start with the curtains! My kitchen nook features three large windows, and I decided if I could find the right curtains, I could make the room start to flow around them. So the search began.

After months (yes, months, no exaggeration) of searching, I FINALLY found set of curtains that I KNEW would be absolutely perfect. My only problem was, I found them online, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to feel good about the decor project until they arrived and I could actually SEE them. Thank goodness when they arrived, I was not at all disappointed. Behold…


Now, you can already tell from the previous picture that I was looking for something with teal in it. These fit the bill, but they also include the other colors in the kitchen, as well.


They do exactly what I was trying to do: they make the room flow together!

Here’s our breakfast nook – and please, don’t mind the booster seats, trays and bibs! HA! 


I’m so thrilled with how these curtains bright up the space and really bring all the pieces together – even that busy granite!


It was after I hung the curtains that I realized – my beloved Pioneer Woman items were just not going to cut it. But how would I find something different? What should I even be looking for? Where on earth do I start?

I decided to search my favorite local stores first to find something, and that’s when I ran across these:


Okay. Bonus points if you know where these came from! Anyone? Anyone?

These pieces are from Target, from none other than Joanna Gaines’ line called Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. I had been eyeing these, but I wasn’t sure what too do with them, until I decided to do a major decorating U-turn in my kitchen! And my goodness – was it ever worth it?!


I’m so excited that I finally have a solid direction in which to head when it comes to my kitchen! It took a bit of figuring out, but it will all be worth it! Once I get everything the way I’d like it, I’ll definitely be posting some updated pics! Stay tuned! 

Are YOU stuck in decorating a particular space in your home? Is what you have started just not working out the way you thought it would? Hey! Chin up! Let me give you a little bit of advice: don’t be afraid to make a decorating U-turn and start fresh! You just might find the perfect inspiration sooner than you think!

Do YOU need to make a U-turn?

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