On Living in Pure Chaos


Well, okay, maybe it’s not as bad as all that. But for someone like me who LOVES all things organizational, the past few days have been a little nutty!

We finished moving into our new house on Saturday! Wohoo! Since the new house was only about three minutes away from the old one, we had been moving things over every day, little by little, and had planned to just have to move the big stuff on Saturday and be over and done with it. Problem was, we didn’t realize we had so much STUFF! I mean, really…where does all the STUFF come from? I really thought I had kept the clutter to a minimum!

So, we DID get everything over to the house on Saturday…but we ran out of boxes…and some boxes were definitely not packed as neatly as I would have liked…and the tape to tape the boxes and the newspaper to pack with both went missing…we left a dishwasher-full of dirty dishes at the old house…you know the drill.

I had told my husband that I would not be picky at all over the moving weekend, to which he responded in a loud voice, “THANK GOD!” He toned it down once he saw my “look”, ha! So I really did my best to go with the flow, and I don’t think I did half bad! (You would have to ask HIM, though!) And at noon, I actually left and headed over to Winter Park (which is about an hour-and-a-half from us) to do a photo shoot. It was a shoot that I had actually had to cancel over Christmas when I came down with the flu, and we had rescheduled it before we even closed on the house, so we had no clue it would have to be moving day – I didn’t want to reschedule it for a third time! And honestly, I think it was a good thing – I was able to step back for a bit, let out some creative energy, and then jump right back in when I came home with a fresh perspective.

So as it stands right now, everything is at least in the room that it belongs in…or in what we’re calling our “project room”. (That’s the 4th bedroom that we don’t have a purpose for yet!) The living room, master bedroom and dining room furniture is all arranged, and the kitchen is all unpacked. The important thing is, at this point, I can at least SEE everything.

I was planning on unpacking my Grandma’s china that’s now mine tonight…except today I realized that I need to pay our life insurance, and I can’t even find the remittance slip and envelope to do so with…so I decided the office might need to be organized first, ha!

Anyhow…lots of projects to work on! And no, this blog will not turn into one all about the new house, so no worries! But the house will play a key role now, that’s for sure!

Just a little update for now – hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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