On Having House Guests

We love to have people over to our home. It’s just one of those things, I guess. Our feeling is that God gave us this home, and so we feel led to share it with others! That may mean a simple dinner, or a weekend stay, or a place to crash in tough times, or a variety of other things. Regardless of the circumstances, our doors are always open!

So you can imagine that I like to be prepared for whatever may come, right? (If you have been with me here on the blog for ANY amount of time, you KNOW that’s the truth! Ha!) In lieu of that fact, I wanted to share a few thoughts about having house guests.

What I Do

Keep lots of linens on hand! I never want anyone to feel like they have to ration the amount of towels in the bathroom. If you need a towel for your hair, one for your body and one for…well…I can’t think of something else, so whatever you may need another one for, you will always find them in our guest bathroom. Extra pillows are good, in case yours aren’t the same as theirs, and they need some extra cushion comfort. And extra blankets are good, too, in case anyone gets cold!


Keep extra snacks and drinks on hand! I never want anyone to be hungry at my house! I normally keep things like fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, veggies, and maybe some homemade chocolate chip cookies or brownies.

Clear your schedule! Sometimes things are unavoidable. Like the disaster of a kitchen you have no choice but to clean up after a large gathering, and you can’t spend as much time chatting with your overnight guests before bed. But take some time off work to prepare your home, so you won’t be stressed. And take some time off to bring your home back to order after all the guests have departed. You’ll feel much more calm and be able to enjoy your company more if you’re not running around all of creation while they’re in your home, or stressing out prepping for them or cleaning up after them.

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Stock the guest bathroom like your own bathroom! If one of your guests is not feeling well in the middle of the night, make sure they find some Tylenol, or cough syrup, or tissues, or GasX in the guest bathroom when they visit it. They will feel more comfortable knowing they haven’t disturbed you, and you won’t be woken in the middle of the night for emergencies.

We keep fans in all of our spare rooms for noise control. Although we live in a quiet neighborhood, perhaps someone is a very light sleeper, and the sound of crickets outside keeps them awake. Or maybe someone is snoring, keeping others from sleeping. Fans can assist with all of these issues, as well as keeping the air circulating fresh and clean.


Cook simple! For me, this means things that can be put together and put into the oven. Or Crock Pot. And if it can be done the night before, even better! I do things like breakfast casseroles for breakfast, and things like lasagna and baked spaghetti for dinner.


What I’ve Learned Along the Way

Keep toys on hand for the kids! Here’s our thing: we don’t have kids, so we don’t have any “kid things”. That means thing could get a bit boring around our house for little ones. So we ran to The Dollar Store, grabbed a laundry basket and filled it with toys. We keep it in the spare room, and any time we have kids at the house, they’re quickly amused.

Check the menu! Since I have food allergies, I’m pretty sensitive to that kind of thing, so I always check the menu with anyone we’re feeding, so I can avoid any kind of issues.

So what about you? What do you do for your guests to make them feel at home? Any special recipes you want to share?

18 thoughts on “On Having House Guests

  1. You learned quicker than I did to have as much done ahead of time as possible. I used to exhaust myself and then not be able to enjoy my guests. Simplify is the word.

  2. It made me want to be your guest ;)! I keep toys on hand for the kids too, and some of fiends kids even talk about going to Anna’s, I am sure it is the toys, since we do not have kids to play with!

  3. Great tips! I have a guest showing up in 2 weeks (my MIL) and these would come in handy although I would prefer not to have that particular guest. Maybe if I do the opposite of your tips that particular guest may shorten her trip. 🙂

  4. My mom just left today after staying with us for a week, I could’ve used this post, I should have prepared better. Whoops. I’ll save this for the next guest that comes to stay.

  5. I’m on the same page as you when it comes to making guests feel welcome. I make sure there is drawer space in the bathroom and bedroom for them so they don’t have to live out of their suitcase too.
    When I visit someone else’s house, something I HATE is not having enough towels and NO bathmat!!! Personally, I use 2 towels, one for my hair and one for the rest of me. And if there’s no bathmat… where are you supposed to drip??!! I use 3 pillows too… I make a nest, one on each side and one under my head. Maybe I’m a high maintenance guest? 🙂

    • Well, there are no drawers in the bedroom…but there is a wide open closet! Oh yes, I have a bathmat…and I do NOT think that three pillows is high maintenance LOL When I’m in a bed by myself, I make a nest, too!

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