On Having a Small Bedroom

Due to the fact that our house is currently on the market, we’ve been looking at a few different houses to move into next, as you can imagine. And I’ve got to say, as I look at these houses, if there’s one thing that just drives me up the wall, it’s a small bedroom jam packed with HUGE pieces of furniture. So overwhelming. I can’t stand it!

So when blogger Christopher Austin reached out to me with a post about styling a small bedroom to make it LOOK larger, I knew a few people I wanted to share it with right off the bat! HA! But mostly, I knew it was a great post I wanted to share with all of YOU! Here’s a few fantastic ideas from Christopher!

Just because you have a small bedroom, doesn’t mean you can’t style it to look spacious, airy and welcoming. The key is to design smart. The right color blends, the best accessories, and organizing the furniture properly are fundamental aspects you need to take into consideration when decorating a small bedroom. Size doesn’t matter, good design skills do. Here are some guidelines to help you decorate your small space in style.  


Settling on a smart color palette

First thing’s first. If you have a small bedroom and the goal is to make it look bigger, you should settle on some priorities. Light, pastel colors and a white ceiling are fundamental aspects to take into consideration. The white of the ceiling will add height, and the beautiful pastels on the walls will create an air of freshness and light. Baby blue, pale pink, pastel mint are shades that work best in small rooms.

Accessories that create the illusion of more width

Certain accessories we can add into our homes have amazing effects. In a small bedroom, the best are mirrors and glass items. If you choose to place the bed facing the window, a mirror hung above the bed facing the window creates the illusion of more light and space. The exact same thing goes for glass accessories. Glass reflects natural light and adds a touch of fluidity into a space that may seem congested.


Organizing the furniture

Small bedrooms packed with oversized furniture items can have two effects: it can either cramp a space making it look agglomerated, or it can make a room feel chic and cozy. The best way to arrange the furniture is to visualize patterns; then you can find a way to place them smart without focusing too much in a single corner of the room. If the available space is less than initially anticipated, the smartest thing that you can do is focus on installing the largest pieces of furniture first. The bed goes in the center of the room, facing the window.

If there’s not enough room for a bookcase or wardrobe, you can always go for shelves. These should be used for books and additional décor items. Avoid placing clothes on the shelves because the neat feel of the bedroom will be destroyed, no matter how organized they are. Choose a built-in wardrobe in a very small size. But make sure it’s tall to add even more height and not make the room feel overly crowded.

Storage spaces

Proper storage spaces are fundamental when decorating a small bedroom. The key is to focus on customized furniture pieces. Stools and a corner banquette with hidden compartments are more than recommended. These can be used for clothes, your kid’s toys, and so much more. Choose wisely and invest in top-quality pieces. Settle on the best colors that match with your bedroom’s interior. If you’re decorating a space for your child, you might want to steer clear of light shades of white, ivory, or pastels. These get dirty extremely fast as most kids don’t really clean their rooms.

Curtains should be hung as high as possible

In a small space, curtains should be hung as high as possible. Make sure that they’re installed above the windows, as close to the ceiling as possible. For extra fullness you can use more fabric. As for the color of your curtains, the best are those that are in tone with the rest of your room’s décor. This way your space will have a uniform allure. Lighter nuances are recommended to welcome more natural light into your space.  


If you have a correct sense of style, decorating a small bedroom shouldn’t be that challenging. Creating the illusion of more space is a lot easier than you think. The key is to abide by several fundamental guidelines, and not go overboard. Do not exaggerate with the décor and keep things as simple as possible. Settle on a color palette that’s light, consider designer wallpapers, and decorate with glass and mirrors to open up the space. Last but not least, keep things organized with customized furniture. At the end, exit the room and then come back in to assess the overall result.

I do love using lots of glass and mirrors in my decor, and the tip on the curtains is a great one, too! Thanks so much, Christopher!

What have YOU found helps YOUR small spaces feel bigger?

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12 thoughts on “On Having a Small Bedroom

  1. I love these tips, we have small bedrooms here for the kids so definitely have to figure out best use of the room for them. Love your tips, it appears the room grew with just a simple setup change!

  2. We have a small bedroom and I’ve come to love it. Less cleaning, more cozy, and I can quickly update the look!

  3. Hubby is talking about moving into something with a lot less square footage. I’m freaking out here! Then I read this and think maybe I can live with the change. Love the idea of pastel colors.

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