On Delegating to Devices

Ah, the age of convenience! Or that’s what they call it, right? This “modern era” that we are currently experiencing?

If you stop and think about all the things that are possible right now that were never possible in the past…well. It’s pretty mind-boggling. And it can also be intimidating or even scary for some folks.

But I’m here to say: there is SO much to take advantage of! Why not make the most of it?

So I want to see if you are making the most of the devices in your home. These are options that are meant to be used to save you time, money and sanity! Let’s look at a few examples:

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1. In your garage

Are you USING your garage? It’s meant to be a place where your vehicle(s) can find shelter. This preserves the life of the car, and makes for an easy beginning to the morning, if you can reach out the door, open your garage door, click the remote start on your car and climb into a warm vehicle in a matter of minutes. You can delegate the task of going out and starting your car by hand!


2. In your laundry room

Do you know that lots of washing machine models have timers on them? For instance, I can put a load of clothes into the washer, add my detergent and set the timer for the load to begin right before I get home from work. When I arrive home, I already feel like I’ve gotten a head start, because I have laundry almost ready to move over to the dryer! You can delegate the laundry starting to the washing machine itself!


3. In your kitchen

Okay, the list here is really endless. But things like the Crock Pot and the automatic coffee machine are what I’m talking about here. The fact that you can leave your dinner to cook on its own for hours, and wake up to a fresh pot of coffee every single morning are simply miracles! I mean, that’s just all there is to it! You’ve just delegated the first thing and the last thing your body will consume in one day! (And let’s not even get started on the dishwasher…)


4. In your living room

Got a busy schedule? Gonna miss your favorite TV show? You probably have the capability to DVR or record them, or even pause live TV while you run to take care of a situation, and then resume it when you return! You can probably even stream in movies! This is real futuristic stuff, folks! And you’ve just delegated the safekeeping of your favorite show or movie to a device!


5. In your home office

If you’re like me, your printer probably prints…and copies and scans and faxes! Wow! One machine that does all of that! No more running to the closest 5-cent copy machine or hitting up your closest fax machine location! You’ve just delegated five tasks to one device!

These are just a few of the things your home can do to save you time and benefit your entire family! So take some time to delegate to the devices you have!

What comes to mind that I haven’t mentioned? Are there any you can think of that the rest of us need to check out? Share!

99 thoughts on “On Delegating to Devices

  1. How about eliminating trips to the bank? They have those apps now in which you can scan a check and deposit it into your checking account. I don’t know if I trust that, but it seems like it could work once I get over my trust issues 🙂

  2. Here is the thing about all these modern conveniences, YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO WORK THEM. I am not a child of the computer age…. I am OLD. I have a timer on my washer where I can set it to come on at any time I want. I guess I need to learn how to use it.
    Okay… I do have a crock pot and even know how to use it. I LOVE MY CROCK POT!

  3. Wow, are these pictures of your house, Kristen? Your points are well taken. If we know how to use all these devices and gadgets, we can really cut down on our work. Although the more you have, the more you have to take care of.

  4. Great tips. I wish my washing machine had a timer on it. I have sky TV and can record all my programmes I want to watch and usually catch up with them all at the end of the week

  5. Fully agree with your choices of what saves us time at home. I don’t have a laundry room or a garage (we’re living in an apartment), but for the rest, great tips. I also use a printer that does pretty much everything (well, except e-faxing) and the kitchen tool are what I’m using regularly as well. In our hectic times these are great time savers!

  6. I just realized that i hardly use any of this things. Am I missing out? No coffee in the morning, no TV in the evening. I think I would like the garage part though.

  7. I love using the timer on our washing machine! I generally load ours at night and have it set to finish as I’m getting up in the morning. It’s such a great invention!

  8. As we get busier, our appliances do more for us. For chores that don’t have a programmable appliance, like dishwashers, we have children! Okay. Mine were lazy, but maybe other people have kids that will do things.

  9. Thanks for reminding us of ways to make our lives less hectic. BTW, I like you office chair! Peace is something I am focusing on this year too…

  10. Your photos look awesome and it looks like you have everything organized and in place. I need to get my house into that kind of shape.

  11. I guess I never looked at these steps as delegating tasks. Sure makes me feel more accomplished when I do get things done a lot quicker by using those conveniences!

  12. The pictures from the post are really beautiful. Just this week a picture of a Walkman was floating around on Facebook. I don’t miss them at all iPods and MP3 players are so much more convenient.

  13. This is a great post!! I am so busy as a single mother to 3, that I often forget to use what I already have to make my life easier! Thanks for the reminder!

  14. I am sitting here just shaking my head in amazement. Most if not all of these time savers you speak of were created after I was already an adult! Believe it or not I still do not have any of them but then I do live in a small apartment—-One of these days I am going to get a crock pot!!!!!!!

  15. I love technology.. just doesn’t love me the same.. and my husband gets frustrated with it if it can’t be fixed with a hammer or wrench.. haha.. quite funny some days! The one thing I have found most incredible in the modern world is the DVR!! my best friend.. LOVE this feature so much! My crockpot is amazing.. old but a dear old friend.. do need a programmable one. I’ve been known to have two or three crockpots going at once during harvest time when i’m cooking/canning sauce. (yes, I do have a triple crockpot too for parties). The technology/gadget I would love next is a Ninja or Vitamix (multi purpose blender on steroids!) yup… want me one of these!

    • Kim, I JUST bought one of those Ninja’s! My hubby wasn’t sure why I needed it so badly…until I made him a banana split milkshake. Then he decided it was a fantastic purchase LOL But I DO want one of those triple Crock Pots!!!

  16. ok, the only thing I can think of is the delay wash cycle on the dishwasher. When we lived in a older house in a colder part of the country I liked this cycle because the dishes would get cleaned after I went to bed and I still had enough hot water in the tank for a hot bath before bed. Only if my garage looked like your picture….maybe when the girls move out!

  17. I use my DVR all the time. I have a cheap washer, so I don’t think it has a timer option. My garage? No one wants to see that! Let’s just say that there isn’t room for a single vehicle. It’s a two-car oversized garage! – Nikki

  18. What a fun post!! Thank goodness for all of these newest devices. I love my DVR most. And, what about our I-Phones and all that they can do for us. Next would be the fact that I can now take a photo of a check for a deposit. Fun.

  19. Those are some great tips Kristen. I use my phone for a lot of things. I can set the security system on my house, pay bills etc. When we were in Canada this Christmas I was able to look into my house and check it out using a really neat app that works with my security system. Oh the things modern technology can do.

  20. I used to use my garage in the summer to park my jeep when the top and doors were off it. Strangely enough we don’t use it in the winter. And I love my washing machine timer. It definitely saves on mildewed forgotten laundry!

  21. Taking advantage of my crockpot is something I’ve been thinking about doing all week! I have a few meals I need to cook and using the crock pot will make them easy. Now to just walk into the basement to get it….

  22. I love technology, especially in my kitchen. When I wake up (NOT to the sound of an alarm, but to the smell of coffee, programmed to start at a certain time) I begin the morning perfectly. Without that programmed coffee maker, I don’t know what I’d do! Oh, and the crock-pot is pretty neat too! 🙂

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