On Covering Chairs

Have you ever covered a chair before? I mean, a simple kitchen or dining room chair. (While I would LOVE to be able to recover large pieces of furniture, I haven’t gotten that advanced yet!)

This is only the second time I’ve covered chairs, but it’s pretty dang easy as far as I’m concerned. I may start covering them for every special occasion! (Just kidding, in case my hubby’s reading this.)

Here’s what the dining room chairs looked like at our old place – the colors of that dining room were browns and blues:


I LOVED that paisley-like fabric, but I got the last of it from Joanne’s, so I went to Hancock’s for the tan lined fabric you see on the arm chair. I did both the arm chairs with the tan and the rest of the chairs with the blue/cream/tan. It ended up matching pretty nicely!

But the color scheme at the new house is a little different because of my grandma’s china, so I had to switch it up a little.

Here’s the china:


And here’s what I came up with for chair covers:


Not too bad! It looks a LOT nicer in person, I must say!

All I did was staple the material on!


Some may be astonished that I didn’t cover up or take off the other material, but I remember as a little girl seeing the old material my mom had on chairs and how many memories came with it! So I decided to leave some of the old on there, so the next time I go to change the covers, all those memories will come back! Besides, a little extra padding never hurt, right? They’re definitely not perfect, but they work…considering the only one who sees the underside of the chairs is CoCo the kitty.


Whatcha think? Do YOU do any upholstery? Got any tricks up your sleeve?

7 thoughts on “On Covering Chairs

  1. Love it! I just bought some new dining rooms chairs at a hotel liquidation store. The price tag was $12/ chair. I was going to get 4, just bc I didn’t know if 6 would fit in my car. The guy told me he would give them to a $5/ chair and if I could take two more chairs he would just give them to me. SCORE! I ended up with six chairs for $22…yay! Now, I just need to recover them. I can’t wait! I am so looking forward to doing that, i just need the time!

  2. Yes, I have! Once my mom even taught me/worked with me to recover a love seat! That won’t ever happen again! But dining room chairs are easy, like you said. And yours look great! You are such a Proverbs 31 woman!

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