On Choosing a Hardwood Floor

Are y’all tired of hearing me talk about home projects yet? Well, good, I’m glad you’re not! Thank you for the support! HA!

When we purchased our home, the main areas (kitchen, dining room, foyer, living room and hall) plus the bathrooms, were all tile. All four of our bedrooms, however, are covered in laminate wood flooring. It’s decent-looking. But all four of them are DIFFERENT FINISHES. 

It’s enough to drive an OCD person like myself just plain NUTS!

So it’s been on the list from the beginning to replace all the tile (because I despise grout) with hardwood, and go ahead and carry that into a couple or all four of the bedrooms. I don’t mind a bit of difference here and there…I just don’t think there’s any need for 6 different types of flooring in one house. (Which is what we have, if you count the carpets in the closets, ha!)

I mean, look at this…

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?! I dream of something like this all throughout our home!

So when Tate Handy contacted me with another fabulous infographic on hardwood flooring…um, YES, I needed it, and I figured you all would love to see it, too! Here’s what Tate had to say…

Choosing the right type of hardwood is essential to your next project. After all, you don’t want to build a porch swing with wood that can’t withstand the elements, and you don’t want a kitchen table that takes on food stains. Here’s what you need to know in order to choose the right wood for your next project.

For a durable, inexpensive wood, hickory is your best bet. Hickory is perfect if your project will take a beating; it’s used in tools, ladders, and even hockey sticks. Maple has been traditionally used in American colonial furniture, and it comes in two varieties: hard maple and soft maple. Hard maple pairs well with a natural finish, while soft maple takes stain well and shines with medium to dark brown finishes.

Oak is a classic hardwood and one of the most popular woods for American and English country-style designs, especially for indoor furniture and flooring. Birch has a wide range of colors and accepts many stains, making it highly versatile; since it’s moisture-resistant, birch works well in kitchens and bathrooms.

Walnut fits perfectly in a wide range of climates since it has a low risk of warping. It’s a beautiful wood without any stains that can be used in contemporary and traditional designs. Cherry wood is somewhat bendable and ages beautifully; it also darkens when exposed to sunlight, making it perfect for outdoor use. Finally, elm is fairly inexpensive and versatile. Plus, it’s naturally resistant to decay and moisture and it has no odor or taste; consider using it in your kitchen.


I love the walnut and the cherry the best! I never would have thought that you could get wood floors that were birch or elm! How neat!

What is your favorite? Do you have hardwood floors? What would be the one room you would put hardwood floors down in when it comes to your home?

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25 thoughts on “On Choosing a Hardwood Floor

  1. My entire first floor is all hardwood. The people that had the house before us chose it, though 🙂

  2. I’d go with a darker wood, if I could choose my floors. We have a light wood flooring now and I really would have preferred a darker cherry.

  3. Oh my gosh this is so helpful. I’d love to add hardwood to my kitchen and the bedrooms. Right now just the hallway, the bathroom and the master bedroom has hardwood floor.

  4. I love dark wood so I would probably go towards those. I’ve never had to choose flooring before. We have hardwood all though out our house, but it’s a mix (we rent) hope to buy and redo soon!

  5. We are remodeling our new house, hardwood floor was so much! We did a hardwood laminate or whatever it’s called, would have loved to get the hardwood real stuff, but we got the closest thing to it. Amazing look either way makes the rooms really pop

  6. Your kitchen flooring looks so gorgeous. I do love hardwood flooring. I really need a new maple flooring for my home. Thanks for sharing great information about Hardwood Flooring.

  7. I love hardwood floors, but haven’t had any in a long time. I also didn’t choose it. I’ll have to keep this in mind when the opportunity does arise.

  8. We built a log cabin about 6 years ago and all my floors on the first and second floors are pine wood. Yes, they dent easy but it matches the wood of our cabin. The boys room we have hardwood just like the others, but decided to put carpet on top until they are old enough for it to be removed. The downstairs “man cave” has carpet, stone rock in kitchen, carpet in bedroom to match living room and bathroom has the hard stone squares. If I had to do it all over again, I think I would choose a slightly darker wood but I am happy with the flooring in our home.

  9. I loved the post on the hardwood floors. We just finished installing hardwood in two bedrooms and will do the third this fall. It is fun to see all of the different options and what other people have selected.

  10. I’m having wood floor envy right now 😉 I absolutely love wood floors and want as much as I can in the new house (which will probably take us the next year at least to build). I’ll have to pin this so I can pull the info back out when it comes time to pick finishes.
    I’m excited to be co-hosting with you this month #HomeMattersParty

  11. I so don’t blame you on getting rid of the tile for two reasons. (1) I am OCD too. (2) We are on vacation and there is tile floor all through our condo and it makes my feet hurt from being so cold. I am not sure which one I would choose though. I am not big on real wood floor. So excited to be co-hosting #HomeMattersParty with you! Have a wonderful week!!

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