On Building a Gift Basket

We had the coolest thing happen in our family recently.

My hubby’s Aunt Ivey got engaged. The cool thing about it was that she has NEVER been married before. And she’s 67 years old. 

The family has been absolutely beside themselves! I’m sure you can imagine! We have been having SO MUCH FUN celebrating this awesome news, and one of our recent events was a bridal shower for the bride-to-be!

Normally I’m a huge fan of bridal showers, and I have my go-to gifts. But in this case…I was stumped. What on earth do you get for a 67-year-old engaged woman who has never experienced a bridal shower before?!

I called one of the other aunts (there are 9 siblings in all – what a family, right?!) and quizzed her on what would be a good gift. She ended up telling me, “You know what, Kristen, just do a little shopping around and when you see something that reminds you of her, just get it.”

Oh, the agony! HA! The struggle was real – everything I saw I thought, well, she already has that, she doesn’t need another one. Until I rounded the corner at Walmart, of all places, and came across THIS:


Is that not the most beautiful thing! I audibly gasped in the store! SO pretty! I wanted it!!! It’s from the Pioneer Woman collection, which is just plain beautiful, if you ask me.

But I had nowhere to use it, an it doesn’t really even match anything in our house. So I was about to walk away from it in despair when I saw…THESE.


Well, that was it. I looked at them and I just knew Aunt Ivey would love them and would USE them too! They were perfect!

But how to wrap them? Porcelain and glass are never easy to package. I didn’t want anything to chip, but I didn’t want to cover anything up, either! So, I decided to do a gift basket!

I found this neat and sturdy chicken wire basket…


…and I grabbed some of the really nice microfiber dish towels, too!


It all came together just like this:


(It’s difficult to see, but there are no breakable items touching each other at all. Everything is nestled perfectly within those fabulous towels, but it’s still all on display, too!)

But it was just missing something right there in the front. I felt like there was a hole there! So I raided my artificial flower stash and…


…ta da! All I needed now was the card…


And there you have it!

From time to time I throw baskets together similar to this. I think they’re a lot more fun to give in certain instances! In fact, if you go back to my OLD blog (CLICK HERE if you want a peek at that bad boy!) you’ll see where I made a utensil bouquet in much the same way!

Utensil Bouquet

Have you ever made a gift basket instead of wrapping something up? What kind of gift baskets do you enjoy making the most?

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16 thoughts on “On Building a Gift Basket

  1. What a beautiful gift basket and I LOVE the colors! Gift baskets are so much fun to make, give and receive. Yours is perfect and I’m sure your Aunt Ivey will love it! I’m so excited for her. It’s never too late to fall in love.

  2. That is a GORGEOUS gift basket! I love putting together and giving gift baskets but I also love receiving them as well! GO AUNT IVEY! Good for her! I love it when people find love at ANY age but when older is even more special!

  3. Actually I have never made a gift basket but am now wondering why!! Being 65 myself I can attest to the fact that most people my age have it all-it is very hard to shop for us!! What you put together will certainly be loved and used-it is pretty and useful and most of all thoughtful!

  4. What a great basket…and for such a sweet and special occasion! I love it. I have always enjoyed putting together gift baskets. In fact, when I had my flower shop, people used to brig me there gifts to wrap or create gift baskets–so much fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Life With Lorelai

  5. That’s a pretty basket. I’m sure your aunt will love this. I also had an aunt who got engaged at 56. She was never married and the guy was her first boyfriend. They are now married for almost 10 years.

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