Nix the Registry – Try These Unique Wedding Gifts!

I’ll admit, y’all, I’m on a bit of a wedding kick these days. One of my dearest friends is getting ready to get married, and another one of my favorite people just got engaged! I do love that planning process – and you get to set up house and be all kinds of domestic and stuff! SO fun!

But in the midst of all the celebrations, I always remember to choose a special gift for the bride and groom. And everyone knows how much I LOVE to give unique gifts! So I wanted to share some of these ideas with all of you!

These days, wedding gifts aren’t as cut-and-dried as they used to be, and sometimes buying a gift from the registry is just plain boring. If you’re looking for a gift for the newlyweds that’s a bit out of the ordinary and sure to be adored, consider congratulating them with one of the sentimental ideas below.


A Food Delivery Service

When all the hubbub from the wedding and honeymoon dies down, the last thing the newlyweds are going to want to do is head out to the grocery store. Make it easy on them with a subscription to an awesome service like HelloFresh. This company will send boxes of ingredients along with a recipe book each week—no more stressful grocery shopping trips. You can set them up for a few weeks or splurge on them for a year, either way, they’re sure to enjoy your thoughtful present and feel like master chefs in the meantime.

A Honeymoon Surprise

If you’ve got the lowdown on where the happy couple will be spending their honeymoon, look into ways you can surprise them with a gift once they get there. Perhaps you can pay the hotel to place a nice bottle of wine or champagne in their room upon arrival. If the area boasts experiences that are out of this world, you can buy them a gift certificate to give it a go (think zip-lining, parasailing, skiing—wherever their destination, there’s bound to be activities they’d enjoy trying).

A Vacation (After the Honeymoon)

Their honeymoon is probably set up already, but you can plan a future vacation for them that will provide a bit of incentive in upcoming months. Set a date about six months after the wedding and book them a hotel in a nearby destination—something they can drive to easily but is also far enough away from home that it truly feels like a vacation. Print out the receipt from the hotel of your choice and present it to them on their wedding. Anticipation is half the fun, anyway.


Charitable Donation

If the couple isn’t looking to add any material possessions to their arsenal, consider making a charitable donation in their honor. Perhaps you already know of a cause that’s near and dear to their heart, but if not, you have a never ending bevy of charities to select from. If you need help choosing, consider checking out for a list of organizations, with causes ranging for hunger to animal protection, veteran aid to education initiatives.

Personalized Gifts

Taking the time to get something customized speaks volumes, and the bride and groom will love receiving something that’s truly all their own. Grab a personalized wedding gift to adorn their home; perhaps wall art that is designed with their monograms, or kitchenware that will make chopping up vegetables more fun. This will definitely ensure your gift isn’t a repeat item, and the couple will be reminded of their wonderful wedding celebration every time they spy their own initials on one of the everyday items.


A Picnic for Two

Help the happy couple plan one of their first dates as husband and wife with a curated basket from that will serve as the perfect picnic fodder. You can order collections filled with snacks, treats, and libations that will make any park lunch feel like a gourmet meal. From unique nut butters to handcrafted cheeses, if the happy couple loves to partake in delicious fare, this is your best bet. Side note: Did you know there was an “indie food” scene? I didn’t either until I discovered this site. You’ll find a gift for the happy couple, and might also leave with one yourself—fair warning.

Fresh Flowers

Keep their apartment bright with a regular fresh flower delivery. You can sign them up for a subscription to a flower service, ensuring they’re greeted with beautiful bouquets right on their doorstep. If they are combining households after the wedding, the flowers will provide the perfect décor while they determine how to meld all of their separate decorations together. Besides, who can avoid smiling when vibrant petals are staring you in the face?

So what do you think of these ideas? I think some of them would work for other kinds of gifts, too, not just for weddings! 

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