New Year, New Baby Gear

With each coming year, you can bet your baby is going to need a whole new set of baby gear. Whether it’s new baby clothes, new toys, new eating utensils, and even new gadgets to help mom, your research of what’s new on the market will never end as your baby grows. You’ll notice your baby getting busier with each coming year, as will you. Whether it’s helping you or helping your baby cross a new milestone, here is a list of products to keep an eye on for the both of you. 

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Shopping cart covers

At some point in the coming year, your little one will no longer need to lay down as she’ll master the skill of holding her head up. Once she can hold her head up, life will get a little easier because you’ll be able to have your hands free more. Errands such as going to the grocery store will feel like a breeze when you use helpful gadgets such as a cart cover. You’ll avoid germs with shopping cart covers at Binxy Baby as they keep your baby safely in the shopping cart face-to-face with you while having a little cushion for comfort. 


If your baby is going to be introduced to solid foods this year, you can bet you’ll need a table setting for her high chair along with some bibs to help with the mess. Plates that come with suction cups are great at keeping the messes to a minimum since they hold the plates in place and avoid them getting bumped or knocked off. Also, ergonomic utensils can teach your baby how to feel comfortable holding a spoon now rather than later. Even if she’s not feeding herself, you can start teaching her how to coordinate between her hand and mouth. 

Moving toys

As your baby gets older, she’ll want to be more active. Toys such as walkers and bouncers are a way for her to release some of the energy she has balled up in a safe way. A walker that she can sit in, but still allows her to move her legs is a safe way to get her familiar with the walking motion. A lot of these types of walkers also have toys that will keep her entertained so you can get some work done while keeping an eye on her. If your baby can hold her head up, a bouncer will be so much fun for her to explore the motion of jumping. Both of these toys are also a great way to help you put your baby down for her nap since you can bet she’ll be burned out by all of the movement. 

New stroller

Depending on the type of stroller you have, you may need to find a new one for the upcoming stage that your baby will be in, especially if she’s in the upper percentile for height or weight. Because some car seats are also meant to be inserted into the stroller, make sure your car seat has the proper weight and height restrictions. If you purchased both of these to grow with your baby, make sure that you have the correct inserts for each to coordinate with your baby’s size. 

New Diaper Bag

The bigger your little one gets, the bigger their belongings will too. You may need a bigger diaper bag if the one you currently have is feeling a little snug. A vegan diaper bag from Azaria isn’t only stylish, it’s functional too. Everything from your little one’s change of clothes, diapers, blankets, and snacks, including your own personal belongings should all fit in one of these bags without running out of space. 


If your little one is sitting up, crawling or will be starting to walk, you’ll want to start investing in a few playmats to protect her from unforeseen falls. With so many options on the market, it’s good to have a few sets on hand for different parts of your house. 

The trick is to stay a step ahead of your baby’s next step. If you’re wondering if there’s a new gadget on the market for your little one’s upcoming needs, chances are there probably is. Do your research, read reviews, and above all, put safety first when choosing new items. 

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