New Product Tryouts: Kitchen Cabinet Mount

We are big time Apple/Mac fans at our house. We both have iPhones, I have an iPad, my hubby has an iPad Mini and I’m typing this blog post on our MacBook.

As an iPad owner, there are not many places I go that I don’t have my iPad along for the ride – kitchen included. In fact, these days, if you’re like me, you get lots of your recipe ideas off the web, right? I cook with my iPad in the kitchen almost every day…and sometimes that’s tricky. I mean, I don’t want to mess it up!

So I’ve found the answer:


See that? That’s a kitchen cabinet mount for my iPad!


It easily attaches to any of my kitchen cabinets…and actually, it would attach to any cabinet or shelf you wanted it to!



It literally just sits there, and it can be moved to any other obliging spot very quickly. No hardware, no adhesives, no nothin’!


It’s really saved me some major space in the kitchen, because now I don’t have the iPad propped up on the counter anywhere. Not to mention that it’s also above the splash zone, normally! And I’m not tall, so it’s almost right at eye level!

If you’d like more information on this product, CLICK HERE!

Do you use any electronic devices in the kitchen? How do you make use of them without making a mess with them?

64 thoughts on “New Product Tryouts: Kitchen Cabinet Mount

  1. I seriously need one of those. That would make my life a million times easier while I am cooking!

  2. I really like that I wouldn’t have to drill any holes in my cabinets to use this. What a great way to keep my iPad away from me when I am cooking. I am such a messy cook.

    • Exactly, Terry! I always make a mess of drilling holes in anything, so it’s a plus for me too LOL

  3. I don’t personally use any electronic devises in the kitchen and I don’t own any Apple products. However I know a couple of people that this would work out great for!

    • Sometimes I think life would be simpler like that, Michele! I must admit, I can’t remember the last time I used an actual cookbook 🙁

  4. I love it! So nice that it isn’t in a fixed location and doesn’t leave marks or damage the area. I don’t have an iPad, I still live with my laptop and my phone….but maybe someday. I will pass on this idea to my friends.

    • Exactly, Brandi! I love that you can take it right down and never know it was there!

  5. The IPAD has not entered our home yet, $$$$. I will say, however this is a genius gadget because I can see where you would want to or need to travel with it within your house.

    • It may work for other tablets, too, come to think of it, Aimee! I would check the specs first, though.

  6. I think that is a great idea. I need one for a computer though – my youngest gets to play on the tablet while I cook dinner.

    • Oh, okay. I think there are stands that might work for a computer in the kitchen!

  7. This is an awesome product for making technology more accessible in the kitchen when you are trying to prepare recipes. I like how compact it is and the fact that it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

    • Exactly! I’ve seen other things that sit on the counter, but this one doesn’t take up the counter space!

  8. Wow – I love how it can balance like that & not permanent. I don’t have any mac products yet, but I think it won’t be long before we convert over. I have an iphone & always looking for ways to keep it propped up.

    • Yes, this might work for another kind of tablet, but I’m not sure about a phone. But have you seen those things that you can use to hang your phone from your rear-view mirror? One of those might work to hang your phone from a cabinet knob, if you have knobs on your cabinets!

  9. It would be awesome to have this product around here! I just accidentally placed my ipad in water today while cooking.

    • Oh, that’s good, Anna! I don’t have any room for a computer in my kitchen 🙁 LOL If only my hubby would believe that excuse 🙂

  10. What a great idea to keep the iPad up and away from harm, but still be able to access it. I would go on a recipe mania if that was mounted in our kitchen. 🙂

    • Well, I won’t lie LOL I’ve bribed myself into cleaning the kitchen because I can watch Netflix while I’m doing it LOL

  11. That Kitchen cabinet mount would come in very handy, I never save recipe books but I do love pinterest and looking up recipes online could come in very handy for a busy mom like me I’ll have to add it to my wish list.

  12. That is very cool! I actually use my Laptop in the kitchen when following recipes online. I need the larger print 🙂 I’ll have to tell my husband about that mount though, he may be interested.

    • You are more coordinated than me, Shirley! I would have made a mess of the laptop in the kitchen, for sure!

    • It IS a fun gadget! But I tend to like all kinds of gadgets, so I’m glad folks are agreeing with me on this one LOL

  13. I could definitely use one of these in the kitchen, I also have an ipad that I use in the kitchen when cooking. Since we are renting and our kitchen is very small, I have to use our washer as a counter, so to cook with the ipad out of harms way I put it at the very back of the washer, but then when I need that space I move it to the little stand up rack that we have in the corner, and then when I’m done it goes back, so I probably look weird and prob look like I’m dancing, going back and forth, lol

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