New Product Tryouts: Duncan Hines Frosting Creations

Okay, no worries. Not ALL of the “New Product Tryouts” posts are going to be dealing with icing or frosting! I just happened to be working on a few things that were in need of these products these days. I have something different I’m going to review next week, so stay tuned!

I actually just came across Duncan Hines Frosting Creations in the grocery store, and was quite amused! I mean, I can make icing whatever color I want using food color or various gels. But this not only makes pretty colors, it also FLAVORS! Fabulous!

I used it for the cupcakes for our little housewarming over the weekend, and I have never gotten so many compliments on cupcakes! It was definitely a hit! (This particular flavor/color, at least!)

Here’s what you look for in the store:


It’s on the baking aisle. And the icing is just white – it’s with the rest of the icings, and the packets (there are quite a few colors and flavors) are next to the icings in their own little display.


I chose the Orange Creme flavor and color because that was closest to matching my party theme colors!

Sorry for the next pic – I think my iPhone flash came on and I didn’t realize it. I thought I took another one, but I guess not! Anyways…


You make a deep hole in the middle with a butter knife, open the icing packet and pour it inside the hole. Then you stir it up!


Pretty, huh? Really nice color!

Here’s what the final cupcakes ended up looking like:


Perfect! I put the icing in a bag and piped it on – it worked beautifully!

It was a little more…shiny…than I was expecting?! I guess that’s the only thing I didn’t LOVE about it. But maybe that’s just the texture you’ll end up with.

The taste was awesome! Light but well-flavored. Not too sweet, not too fluffy. And like I said, I got tons of compliments on the cupcakes, so overall, I was pleased!

They have 12 different flavors, it seems:


I definitely plan on trying more of them as the need arises!

If you’ve tried another flavor, let me know!

Side note: since Monday is Memorial Day, I will not be blogging, but I’ll see you back here on Tuesday! And please…let’s remember the real reason we celebrate Memorial Day!


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