New Product Tryouts: Cool Whip Frosting

So, I see commercials and magazine/online ads for revolutionary new products, and I always wonder, does it really work like that? So I decided to start doing some tryouts! Can’t hurt, right?

Have you seen the commercial for the Cool Whip Frosting? The sad one about the mistreated cakes? CLICK HERE to see it if you haven’t! It’s a little dramatic, but cute! (Only when I looked it up on YouTube did I see that this is not the only Cool Whip Frosting commercial there is – but it’s certainly the only one I have seen on TV!)

I wanted to try this stuff since the first time I saw the commercial, but icing is just tricky junk! Most cakes I make come with their own recipe for icing, or I have a particular glaze I like to make for them. But last weekend, I had the perfect opportunity for a tryout.

I had signed up to bring a dessert to our church on Sunday to benefit the Royal Rangers, and I decided to do a Red Velvet Cake, because everyone likes a Red Velvet Cake, right? I don’t have a particular attachment to a specific kind of icing for my Red Velvet Cake (other than something cream cheese flavored) so I thought, well, if Cool Whip has a cream cheese frosting, then let’s try it!

And indeed they did!


I grabbed two from the freezer section and proceeded to bake the cake. (You could probably be fine with just one, but I always like to make sure I have plenty…especially when icing a dark cake with light frosting!) And I actually washed and am re-using the little containers along with my Tupperware! They’re pretty sturdy!


The look very closely resembled a tub of butter, but the consistency was quite nice. Very light and fluffy.


It spread beautifully, I had no issues with coverage, and no catching and mixing of the crumbly edges of the cake.


The taste was very light, but obviously cream cheese…yet not too overpowering. (My husband HATES cream cheese icing, and he thought this was pretty good. Yes, I made him try it, ha!) It wasn’t overly sweet, either. Just right!


As you can see, it finished up beautifully (I always garnish with some crumblies from the cake pan, if you’re wondering what’s on top), and I was told that the end result was absolutely delicious. That’s all I needed!

So, I give this tryout a thumbs up! Give the Cool Whip Frosting a try! It comes in Cream Cheese, Chocolate and Vanilla!

Any new products that YOU’RE itching to try?

6 thoughts on “New Product Tryouts: Cool Whip Frosting

  1. Ooh! I’ve been wanting to try this too and thought of Red Velvet Cake as well and now I know. Thanks, Kristen! 🙂 – Joy

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