New Product Tryouts: Campbell’s Skillet Sauces

I must admit, I was a bit hesitant about this one. I really enjoy making a good sauce, so I wasn’t too sure what I would get out of this, but when I saw that one of the options was Marsala Sauce, I decided to give it a go.

A little background info: I am gluten-free due to Celiac’s Disease, so I’m often substituting various types of flour and gluten-free baking mixes for the regular stuff in my kitchen. Nine times out of ten, my husband doesn’t even notice, but there are those few dishes that just don’t turn out the same. And let me say that Chicken Marsala is one of them. Mainly the sauce. So what I end up doing when I make Chicken Marsala is, I make it gluten-free, and then I make an additional sauce on the side for J, so he can feel “normal”. However, how easy would it be to just warm up a packet of sauce instead?! Fabulous!

Here’s the sauce:


Note: One of these days I’m gonna go back to my genealogical research and find some kind of link between us Campbells and these Campbells! I’ll bet we’re rich and don’t even know it! Ha!


I got two of the Marsala, because I wanted to make sure he had plenty! It’s located in two places in my grocery store – on the pasta aisle with the rest of the glass-jar sauces, and also with the salad dressings.


I only got one of the Scampi, because I got less shrimp than I did chicken. Price of shrimp seems to have gone up, right?! Plus, I’m allergic to shrimp, so he was going to be the only one eating.

Right now, these are the only two kinds of this sauce in my store – I’m gonna have to go exploring and see if I can find any more.

I boiled some spaghetti and grilled up some chicken, adding the sauce in to warm, and that was it for the Chicken Marsala! (I also got a phone call that lasted throughout the process…which is why I only have a pic of the finished product already in the Tupperware container ready to be stored in the fridge – my apologies!)


Turned out really nice! I thought the consistency was great, and I like that the mushrooms were already in there and you didn’t need to add them. J liked it, too. Apparently it was much better than the gluten-free version, ha!


Did I mention that I’m allergic to shrimp? Wasn’t he sweet to prep them for me so I wouldn’t have to touch them? Yeah!

Basically the same deal for the Scampi: I boiled some linguine and grilled up the shrimp, adding the sauce in to warm, and that was it for the Shrimp Scampi! That one got RAVE reviews from the hubby. I couldn’t eat it, but I was able to get a much better pic of it than of the Chicken Marsala.


It looked and smelled amazing! I think the sauce could have been a tad bit thicker…but that was just me. He loved it!

All in all, I think they’re both fantastic products! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more varieties. I especially want to try the Fire Roasted Tomato! If you want to see all they have to offer, CLICK HERE!


Have you been able to try any of the other Campbell’s Skillet Sauces? Do tell!

11 thoughts on “New Product Tryouts: Campbell’s Skillet Sauces

  1. Interesting… I will have to see if there are around here and if they are worth trying out. We don’t eat shrimp and my husband doesn’t like mushrooms so I will have to try some of the other ones! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am currently making the toasted sesame one with chicken to serve with rice. It’s good! There is a lot of sauce, so next time I would put it with more than the one pound of chicken it recommends. On the package it also says it would be good with salmon. We haven’t tried that, but I imagine in would be tasty.

  3. You wrote that you grilled the shrimp but the picture is of it in a pan on the stove. So which was it? Finished product does not look grilled (shrimp or chicken). Please be responsible and use the correct terms.

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