New Product Review: Winnie’s Picks

Everyone pretty much knows about me and photos. I love to take them, I love to have them, I love to decorate with them. In fact, I’m currently anxiously awaiting our yearly family photo shoot pics to come back from our photographer! SO excited to see them!

So when Gaetan from Winnie’s Picks contacted me about reviewing their premium paint by numbers (for adults!) products, well, color me interested. (See what I did there?) I used to LOVE paint by numbers when I was a kiddo, so I figured this would be super fun!

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But Gaetan took the fun a step further when he told me I could SEND him a picture of my own and he would turn it into a custom paint by numbers canvas! WHAT?! How cool is that?!

So, I did. I sent him a pic. Here’s the one:

I mean, I think they’re kinda cute! Might be fun to paint, right?!

When my shipment from Winnie’s arrived, I was super excited to open it!

Perfectly packaged so nothing was damaged!

But just what was inside that fancy lil’ tube?

I suddenly felt pretty durn inadequate.

I also wished I had chosen a different photo! Maybe one with less contrasts that would have looked more…simple…when I unrolled it!

But I DO love a challenge, so I figured, what the heck. Let’s DO this!

First of all, I learned NOT to expect to sit down and complete this in one evening. Second of all, I learned to take a step back and observe.

Because I’m a Type A person, I started in the only way that made sense to me: line my colors up by number and paint in numerical order. Did I miss a few and have to go back? Of course, but the process at least helped me feel somewhat organized!

What starts out looking like a mass of numbers and lines actually starts looking legit within a few different color fill-ins. By the time I hit the halfway point, the girls had already recognized themselves, and my husband had taken a turn doing some painting, as well!

I won’t say that I didn’t get frustrated at all, because I did. But I’m pretty sure my frustration rose up as a direct result of my own perfectionism. Once I let go of that, the sailing went MUCH smoother. And here’s what I ended up with:

I mean, WOW, right?! When you step back further it looks even more amazing!

Remember the original picture? Before…

…and after!

I’m kind of in awe of how well it turned out! I’m no artist, but Winnie’s Picks just made it so easy for me to complete!

Maybe you’re reading this and you don’t have a personal photo you’d like to paint – no worries! Winnie’s Picks has SEVEN different categories of paintings you can choose from, and you can even choose a painting with a frame included, if you like!

The canvases are high quality, and the paints offer great great coverage and brilliant color. Several sizes of paintbrushes are also included, so you have everything you need for those hard-to-reach areas, and a practice sheet and instructions are also part of the kit.

This project was a ton of fun to complete myself, but I can’t help but think what a great Christmas gift this would make! Definitely gets MY thumbs up! Thanks so much to Gaetan and everyone at Winnie’s Picks for a quality product that’s sure to impress!

For more information on Winnie’s Picks, reach them through one of the following ways:

Visit their website by CLICKING HERE
Check out their Facebook by CLICKING HERE
See their Pinterest by CLICKING HERE
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When was the last time YOU painted by numbers?

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