New Product Review: Velvet Caviar

Despite the title of this post, no, I most certainly have not discovered the best caviar that money can buy! I honestly don’t care for that nasty mess myself – no offense meant to any connoisseurs out there. But I think I HAVE found something special that at least redeems the name for me!

If your life is anything like mine, your life is tied to your PHONE. Like it or not, it’s how I take pictures, it’s how I do my tasks and to-do lists, it’s how I learn and even how I teach my kids sometimes! It’s an important bit of life these days, and I want to make sure I keep it protected. Ya feel me?

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But it’s HARD to keep it protected! When I’m chasing 2 2-year-olds around the park and I stop to grab it to take the CUTEST pic of them coming down the slide, I’m apt to drop it on the pavement in my rush, which is never good..OR cute. And sometimes I’ve even forgotten to charge it, so it does no good for me to even pull it out – it’s dead, no pictures for me.

So when Sam from Velvet Caviar contacted me about reviewing some products, I was intrigued. First by the name, and then by my options! WOW!

Here’s what Sam sent my way:


Let’s start with the Phone Grip & Stand. I’ve seen lots of folks use these, but I didn’t really understand the “grip” part, I guess. I mean, can’t I just hold my phone? (Apparently, there are times when no, I can NOT! HA!) So I added this sweet little piece onto my current cover and decided to take it for a test drive!


First of all, I love the variety Velvet Caviar offers when it comes to their phone accessories! It was super easy for me to find something that coordinates with my current case! And can I just say that the day after I added this to my phone case, I took the girls to Explorations V Museum and almost dropped my phone several times trying to capture their fun – but I never actually dropped it. Thank you, Phone Grip! It’s also been super helpful when playing videos for the girls – we’ve been watching videos on YouTube of toddlers riding tricycles, as we’re working to learn how to ride ours!

Next up, the battery charger:


What I love about this is that it works for all types of devices, with several different hook-ups! Specifically, it works for iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/6plus and iPads, PLUS Android smart phones and pads! Super simple to charge it up, and then use. It certainly is helpful in a pinch! And I can’t ignore the fact that it’s just darn pretty, too. I’ve gotta say, it’s nice that I can be a momma and still have stylish things!

Lastly, the phone case:


One of my main issues these days is which bag to bring in to wherever it is we are going. Do I bring the diaper bag? We probably won’t need anything from the diaper bag, unless it’s an emergency, so I might as well bring my purse and be done with it. But do I need my entire purse? Just my wallet and phone, I think. So I throw my wallet and phone and keys into the diaper bag in case of emergency and then hoof it from there. But I end up fishing for my wallet to pay for whatever we need to pay for, and then I destroy the diaper bag contents looking for a simple debit card. Agitating!

This one phone case fixes all of that! Fits my phone like a glove, and has a space for cards on the back! It’s my wallet and phone, all in one, and all that will still fit in my pocket! One-stop shop! I love it!

As you can see, Velvet Caviar creates premium on-trend tech accessories, and everything is designed at their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Their mission is to create the coolest tech accessories through innovative design, dependable quality, and value focus, and I think they’re doing a fantastic job! Hit them up to see their fabulous cases, rings, chargers and even more accessories!

For more information on Velvet Caviar…

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Are you looking for something classy to protect your phone? I gotta say, I think you’ve found it!

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