New Product Review – ThermaLeaf®! (And a Coupon Code!)

We’ve now been in our current home just under a year, and, of course, we’re still working on arranging things “just right”. I mean, that really lasts forever, doesn’t it? I imagine as soon as I get everything the way I want it we’ll either move or I’ll start itching to redecorate something! HA!

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One of the things that has REALLY bothered me is actually in our living room…for everyone to see. Gotta love it! Here, I’ll show you:

Welcome to our home!


This part is all well and good. Hang on, I’m getting there!


Wait for it…


And there we go. Notice anything?


I mean, really, who on earth needs enough sound equipment to create ALL OF THAT MESS?!

In our family, my husband is the sound guy. I could care less what kind of sound equipment we have as long as I can hear what they’re saying on Fixer Upper! Am I right, ladies? We don’t CARE! But my husband has particular brands and equipment and collections he wants to use, so I let him handle all of that. Just show me how to turn it on and adjust the volume level, and I’m good. (And our girls certainly don’t care, as long as they can hear enough to sing along with the Bubble Guppies!)

So this little issue was left from the previous homeowner. It’s a hot mess, is what I call it. And it’s VERY eye-catching, for our 20-month-old twins who are ALREADY into everything, and for our guests, and for ME when I get the chance to just sit on the couch! 


My hubby was in the process of trying to figure out what he needs to add to our current sound system, what’s compatible, what’s outdated, what needs to be ripped out of the wall, what needs to stay…you get the idea. And I had gotten pretty tired of it.

So when Snehal from ThermaLeaf® contacted me and asked if I wanted to choose one of their plants to receive and review, I was super excited! I had also never heard of ThermaLeaf® before, so I did a little bit of research.

ThermaLeaf® is the leader in the manufacturing of fire retardant artificial foliage (plants, trees and related products) exclusively for commercial projects and wholesale trade. A quick peek at their website showed me they offer everything from trees to topiaries, and all the way down the line to basic foliage! I had no problem selecting an item I thought would help with my little decor issue. It’s called a Pothos Climbing Plant:

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 1.39.39 PM

I figured it would do the trick!

It didn’t take very long at all for my plant to arrive, and it was packaged perfectly. Definitely no way anything could be crushed or damaged at all.



And the best thing was, it literally looked IDENTICAL to the photo of the product online! That’s rare, folks! I was pretty impressed!

I didn’t have to do much to “fluff” the plant to make it look fresh, and with the variety of tools included, I was even able to “tie off” the plant here and there to make sure it was going to fit my purposes perfectly! So, let’s see what you think:


Is that not better already?! I love the addition to the space! It’s perfect!


You can’t even SEE all the mess in the wall anymore! I was so pleased that the plant was flexible enough for me to make it look extremely full and cover up all of those cords and outlets and holes!


And I really appreciate how realistic it looks. From the leaves to the stems to all the tiny little vines included, it’s clear to me that ThermaLeaf® is a company paying attention to all the details. Plus, I feel confident in “hiding” those electrical issues with a plant that’s fire retardant, because the LAST thing we need is a fire at our house! I’ll definitely be checking with this company for more home decor pieces in the future!

If you’d like more information about ThermaLeaf®…

Check out their website by CLICKING HERE
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Watch them on YouTube by CLICKING HERE

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Do you have any artificial plants in your home? Does it concern you that they may not be fire retardant?

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