New Product Review: Stencil Revolution

I’m always on the hunt for unique things to use in decorating my home. Aren’t we all? I mean, we don’t all want to have the same living room decor, do we? We want something that personifies who we are and what our tastes are. We want a home that reflects US and that we’re proud of! Right?!

Glad we cleared that up.

Along my personal road to domestication, I’ve experimented with MANY different forms of decor – lots of DIY decor included in there, too. Lots of successes and lots of failures! But one thing I have never used before is…a stencil. I know, I know. I’m not sure WHY I’ve never taken stenciling into account, but I just haven’t.

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So when Emily from Stencil Revolution contacted me to see if I’d like to check out their stencils, I thought it was a great idea!

I’ll be honest, it was hard for me to decide what stencils I wanted to try out, because Stencil Revolution has an amazing variety of stencils and sizes! In all seriousness, I’ll probably be back for more – they’ve sparked a few other ideas for me. Looking at their selection, I’d never have thought that Stencil Revolution is a small, family-owned operation based out of Spring Hill, Florida – their selection speaks to a much larger organization! It’s good to know, though, that when you place an order, a member of their family personally cuts, packs, and ships it directly to you!

Here’s what Emily sent me:


I had specific plans for each one, so I got to work quickly!

I started with the “gather” stencil first. I had a wooden sign I wanted to use with it, but it needed some brushing up to make sure it matched the mirrors that were already hanging on the wall I wanted to add to.

But…I ran into a snag right off the bat. Do you see it?


Yeah, my sign wasn’t quite the right size to fit the stencil, huh? Luckily for me, stencils are super flexible! I was able to adjust the ends so it all worked perfectly!


As you can see, I used a sponge to complete this particular project!


A sponge and a super cute lil’ helper!


That’s an excellent blackmail shot, right?! Sweet baby girl!

But it also helps to show off the fact that I was able to coordinate the mirrors that were already on the wall with the sign that I created!




I think it all works together beautifully! Really finished off the decor in our kitchen. What do YOU think?

Next up, the amazing grace stencil!

I changed the color of my frame really quick with a standard paint brush for a “brushed” look, and then…


…I decided to use Q-tips to fill this one in! I have no idea if that’s “standard” procedure or not – it’s probably NOT! HA! But I wanted to see if I could get a different kind of look!


I think it worked! Turned out super vintage/farmhouse/country-something! HA!


This piece is now located in my living room on our large entertainment center.


I love how it brightens up the super dark shelf!


For more information on Stencil Revolution, check out these options!

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Have you ever used stencils in your home decor? I wanna hear about it!

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