New Product Review: Spray Away Toilet Brush

Sometimes I think about you, reader. And I think that, no matter who you are or what you do or what you’re like…we can all agree that what I have just experienced in my life in no way, shape or form has been…FUN.

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Allow me to share with all of you that I believe we are FINALLY at the end of POTTY TRAINING. Potty training TWINS. (I’m still shuddering thinking about it. I’m also waiting on some kind of huge regression to happen because, well, that WOULD be my luck.)

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about potty training, it’s that potty training is MESSY. Oh my goodness. Is it ever MESSY.

So when Anthony Siragusa contacted me about reviewing a toilet brush…well, how very fitting, right?! I decided, why not! We all need toilet brushes. They’re important to our home, they’re important to cleanliness and well-being, so if there’s one that’s cutting edge, well…if there’s anyone who needs it, it’s ME!

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I opened the box. I guess I was anticipating something heavy and obtrusive, but the Spray Away Toilet Brush is neither! In fact, it “looks” just as inconspicuous as any other toilet brush you would have in your bathroom, which is great! It even comes in a handy lil’ caddy. It’s what’s in the handle that is completely different…

Try as I might, I just could not bring myself to post pictures of my dirty toilet, y’all. I’m sorry – I just couldn’t do it. First of all, because as soon as I see any speck of nasty in my toilets, I’m cleaning it, because it grosses me out. Second of all, I JUST COULDN’T DO IT.

But let me say, for someone like me who immediately likes to clean up any speck of nasty in my toilets, this brush is AMAZING.

I throw some toilet cleaner in the toilet, draw the water (directly from the toilet) into the handle, and push-squirt it at the offending speck. BAM. Gone. The bristles on the brush are almost just for decoration, HA! They don’t even have to touch the nastiness! And just like that, my entire toilet cleaning process is instantly streamlined. Ya gotta love it! This literally has been the most fun part of potty training – hands down! (And the girls even think it’s great!)

If you want more details, head on over to the Spray Away Toilet Brush website. Plenty of photos and even videos (but no nasty toilets over there, either!)

Thanks so much to Anthony Siragusa for the introduction to this product! It’s definitely a must-have for any household!

Okay, let’s get dirty: what kind of toilet brush do YOU use? Potty training any twins at YOUR house? Do tell!

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3 thoughts on “New Product Review: Spray Away Toilet Brush

  1. I have no twins for potty training but I do have the toilet brush. My brush has a lot of bristles on the end of the wand. It also has a small black bristle knob on the side of the wand that cleans underneath the rim of the toilet.

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