New Product Review – Southern Recipe Pork Rinds

**PLEASE NOTE: While Southern Recipe DID provide me with these products to review at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.** 

A lovely package arrived on my doorstep the other day. It was a box full of pork rinds.

My husband was almost as excited as I was.


Four flavors of pork rinds! Pork rinds from Southern Recipe!

Now, being that we live in Florida, and being that we were both raised in the SOUTH…we know food from the South when we try it!

Southern Recipe snacks offer the tastiest food in the South: pork rinds, snack rings, pork sticks, cheesy cajun popcorn, cheesy curls and cracklins. Enjoy Southern Recipe as part of the Rudolph Foods family of brands. Rudolph Foods Company, Inc., one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded and private-label snack products including the world’s largest manufacturer of pork rinds. Southern Recipe is solely dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality products and the highest levels of customer service at the best price.

Did you know pork rinds have nine times the protein & less fat than you’ll find in a serving of potato chips? (Fun little fact I found out on the Southern Recipe Facebook page! And honestly, check out their Facebook page, because they even give recipes you can use the pork rinds in! So creative!)

We received:

Bar-B-Q, Salt & Vinegar, Hot & Spicy and Sweet BBQ flavors.

Being the Southerners we are, we went for the Bar-B-Q first!

Southern Recipe 1.5 oz. BBQ Rinds

Not bad, but not quite as much of that BBQ flavor that we were looking for.

Having never seen Salt & Vinegar pork rinds before, we decided to try these next.


These were pretty interesting! I’m not a fan of salt and vinegar chips, but if I was, I would like this! The mix of flavors is spot on!

Now, we are NOT hot and spicy people, so we decided to branch out and try those next, just for fun.


We both ate one and our exact words to each other were…”Oh. That’s not bad.”

Until about 2 seconds later when we were scrambling for some water. WOW. Be careful! They are definitely hot and spicy!

Definitely our favorite ended up being the Sweet BBQ.


Great flavor, and the perfect blend of sweet and BBQ!

Now, I’ll tell ya – pork rinds are not my favorite thing in the world. But I have eaten them a time or two, and what I like about these pork rinds is that they’re nice and light, and don’t have any greasy residue! They’ve got the perfect consistency, as far as I’m concerned!

If you’d like more information, here are some links for ya!

Are you a fan of pork rinds? Have you ever tried any of these from Southern Recipe? What did you think?

69 thoughts on “New Product Review – Southern Recipe Pork Rinds

  1. Southerners know their pork rinds! I don’t eat pork, but I know my hubby would love these because he loves pork rinds. I’ll have to check them out for him!

  2. My husband loves pork rinds! And I think they are pretty good too. I’d love to try the salt and vinegar ones! i love salt and vinegar chips and I have never seen salt and vinegar pork rinds.

  3. Boy are you right about southerners knowing their BBQ. I trust you if you recommend the sweet bbq as the best. I wouldn’t normally go for the pork rinds but i may pick up a bag if i see them the next time I’m shopping.

  4. Sooo funny because my mom just bought these over the weekend, for her to snack on while she was in town, and she accidentally left them behind when she went home. Hubs has been eating them and kept talking about how good they were lol

  5. I’ve never had pork rinds before. They look wierd and sound funny so I’ve never even been tempted to try them.

  6. Did you know that you can eat pork rinds on a low carb diet? I love the plain pork rinds when they are soft. They are dry so a big glass of sweet tea is in order 🙂

  7. I haven’t had pork rinds in a long time. Not because I don’t like them, but because I totally forgot about them. I remember loving the plain flavor, so I am sure I would really love these yummy flavors!

  8. We used to have pork rinds in the cabinet regularly for snacking (as well as using as a substitute for crackers in recipes) but we ate so much of them, we haven’t tried them recently. I bet the spicy ones would be great in meatloaf!

  9. I haven’t had pork rinds in AGES!!! I had no idea they had salt-n-vinegar (my favorite kind of chip!). Thanks for the health info. I didn’t know pork rinds could be healthier than potato chips! I may have to give them a second look!

  10. I would be all over those hot and spicy pork rinds. And I have never heard of salt and vinegar pork rinds. I bet we would like those, too.

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