New Product Review –! (COUPON included!)

If there’s one thing I love, it’s when things smell nice. And if there’s one thing that’s sometimes hard around a home that includes 2 11-month-old twins, a dog, a cat and a husband…it’s getting things to smell nice. HELLO. Can anyone testify?!

Sure, I have some favorite air freshener brands, but sometimes I’ll get on the band-wagon with a new scent, and a couple weeks in, I can’t even find the scent in the stores anymore! Or, if it’s a scent that everyone else likes, too, it sells out before I can get my next purchase in!

So when Mark Callison from contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing some of the Scentfill products, well – color me intrigued. 

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As I stopped to do a bit of research, I first discovered that Scentfill has a category of products are 100% all-natural. That’s a HUGE deal for me these days, folks. I’m so sick of the chemicals and additives that are sneaked into our lives on a daily basis! If it’s all-natural, then it’s definitely for me! (And these are the FIRST 100% natural plug in air freshener refills available – so now you know!)

Out of curiosity, I went to my cleaning closet and picked up a can of air freshener I had picked up at my local grocery store, flipped it over and read off these ingredients: allyl 3-cyclohexylpropionate, allyl caproate, benzyl alcohol, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), coumarin, dipropylene glycol, ethyl hydroxypyrone, ethyl methylphenylglycidate, gamma-nonalactone, and methyldihydrojasmonate. 

Ummm…WHAT?! And we’re just walking around, breathing in all of that junk, whatever it is!

Not only do these air fresheners offer the all-natural options, but they’re also universal! So no need at all to purchase any new diffusers or warmers – if you’ve used Glade or Air Wick (or more) you’re already all set. Now THAT’S my kinda product!

Plus, the fact that Scentfill is the only plug in refill that’s manufactured and assembled in the United States spoke volumes to me. An all-American company right there – just the kind I love to support.

So, I blitzed through the site and chose Lavender, Sanitizing Blend and Fresh Linen. (Although, in fairness, it was a VERY hard choice. The company offers a pretty wide variety of scents – plenty of choices if you decide you need something different in each room!) In no time at all, the scents were at my door, and I was ready to test them.


Did I mention that this was in the process of selling our old home and moving to the new one? In the midst of all the chaos that abounded in our spaces, I have to say: the house always smelled amazing. Always! We had people walk in to tour the house, or to pick up furniture, or to help pack, and someone always commented, “Wow, it smells so nice in here!” And, even though I was so overwhelmed by the craziness of those few weeks, I must say: when I would walk into a different space in my home, as much as I hated the mess, it always made me feel better to breathe deep and see how wonderful everything smelled! (It’s the little things in life, y’all!)

Also, with using previous air fresheners, my husband, who has horrible allergies, would sometimes come home and begin to sneeze, or complain of a headache. More often than not, I could track his discomfort to whatever air freshener I had used or candle I had burned. With Scentfill? He has YET to complain about any headaches, and I haven’t heard him sneezing when he comes in the house, either! That’s a HUGE win for us!

Now that we’ve been move into the new house for a bit, can I tell you this? I STILL have my Scentfill scents, they are STILL working, and I STILL have people coming through asking me what kind of air freshener I’m using, because it smells so good! But even though they’re working beautifully now, I know they’re bound to run out eventually, so I’m gearing up to place an order to make sure I’m well-stocked. Which should be easy, since Scentfill will also discount my order depending on the number of items I purchase. Yep, you read that right!

So the next time you need to make sure your house is smelling good (and, come on, who doesn’t want their home to smell lovely?!) check out Great selection of versatile products that work, work well, and are safe for the entire family!

You can also find Scentfill online at:

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Now, I have a challenge for you: go grab whatever air freshener you’re using around your home right now and read off the ingredients. If you’re as surprised as I was, is definitely something you want to check into. Oh, and by the way, how about checking it out with a COUPON?!

Thanks to Scentfill, all readers can get 10% off orders of $15.00 or more with the code: theroadtodomestication

What is your FAVORITE scent to have around your home?

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12 thoughts on “New Product Review –! (COUPON included!)

  1. As a scientist I have to do this (sorry!), but would you eat something with octadecanoic acid in it? …It is naturally occurring in eggs. Plus dozens of other scary sounding things. So don’t be scared off needlessly by chemical terms please. That said, I love Glade products especially the candles!!

  2. This is my first time hearing about scentfill and I think it’s an awesome product to have at home! I love it when the house smells great, it makes a huge difference in our attitude too. Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

  3. This looks interesting, I love that it’s all natural. I’ve been trying to get better with getting things for my family that are natural. Gonna have to check this brand out!

  4. I hadn’t heard of ScentFill, but I’m super-willing to try it! With having 5 other people in the house (including teens and 3 guys) I really need a freshener that’s consistently effective! Thanks for sharing!

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