New Product Review: PushpLinen Bed Sheets

I love white bed sheets. Just in case I’ve never told all of you that about me, well, now you know! I’m not sure what the attraction is – they’re crisp and clean and so beautiful right out of the dryer…I’m not entirely sure how to explain it, but I really just adore them.

And let me also just come on out and say that I am a BIG FAN of the top/flat sheet. I see lots of people these days talking about how the top/flat sheet is unnecessary, and they don’t even use one. WHAT? Why on earth would you NOT use one?! It’s a lovely little slip of added comfort! Come on, people!

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So when PushpLinen contacted me regarding a product review of their sheets, I gladly accepted! The BEST thing was, when my sheets arrived? They were WHITE. It’s like they just KNEW what I liked without me ever having specified! It was meant to be.

PushpLinen sheets arrived packaged like your average sheet set, but the difference here is, certified 100% cotton sets come straight to your door directly from the manufacturer with no wholesalers, distributors or department stores to get in the way.

They washed up perfectly and came out of the dryer beautifully. Nice fit to the mattress, as well!

I also appreciated the satin ribbing included in the fabric design. It added the perfect luxurious touch.

As far as how the sheets slept, I would say excellent! Smooth, no tangling at all. While I was putting them on the bed at the beginning of the night, they felt a tad bit heavier – or maybe a bit more dense – to me, so I wasn’t sure how they would feel during sleep, but there was no extra heat or other frustration added. I’m going to assume that the dense feel was simply the quality of the material.

When morning came, they had stayed in place well, and the bed was simple to make, no issues there at all.

Overall, I would give PushpLinen a thumbs up, and would recommend their product! I also like the fact that the fabric is anti-pilling, fade-resistent dyes are used, and each set is individually tailored!

Also, let me not forget to say that PushpLinen offers other products in addition to sheets. From a variety of bedding, to bath options, to kitchen and dining offerings, as well, you can easily update the linens for your entire home with one quick order – in MANY more colors than just white!

And if you have qualms about ordering online, their website is bright and fresh and very easy to navigate. I certainly appreciate the efficiency of their process, and I know you will, too!

Many of us are interested in the ethics and values of the companies we give our hard-earned money to, so it was wonderful to see at the top of PushpLinen’s website that they are providing fabric for face masks! Buy their products, get free fabric to make your own mask. Wear one – donate one! When I see a company demonstrate that kind of care for the world we live in, well. It gives me a good feeling about purchasing from them.

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