New Product Review – PurpleTrail Planners! (And a Discount for YOU!)


There’s probably no one reading this who is really surprised by that statement! HA!

I really do love them! Over the years I’ve had a wide variety of planners…hardcover, softcover, no cover. I’ve used my phone, I’ve used my computer, I’ve used my email. I’ve even used a Palm Pilot! Remember those?!

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What I’ve learned over the years is that I personally do BEST if I’m actually using a physical planner – putting pen to paper. And I’ve used a few different ones: Erin Condren, Plum Paper, Day Designer, Martha Stewart…one I found at Walmart…) I’ve learned that I like to be able to customize that planner a bit, and that if it’s PRETTY, I use it more. (That sounds ridiculous, but it’s totally true.)

So when Tamese from PurpleTrail contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their planners…UM, YES! Sign me up, please!


Tamese provided me with a lovely little code that allowed me to hit up the PurpleTrail website and design my own planner. How FUN is that!? I must admit, at first I was a tad bit overwhelmed – the options seem endless, and I wasn’t quite sure where to start! But I stopped and wrote a few priorities down, and the next thing I know I had designed this:


I decided to try one a tad bit smaller than I normally use, because I’ve been on a simplification kick these days, so I figured, hey, if I can do a smaller planner, that’s awesome! This one is 6X8, but they also offer a larger one at 8.5X11, and a cute little one that’s only 4X6! You can customize each of these for daily, monthly or weekly uses for moms, students, teachers, brides, or just good ol’ regular people! (We all need some good ol’ regular people in our lives, don’t we?)


You can see I made mine a “mom” planner – because if anyone needs the peace a planner can bring in their lives, it’s me as a mom! HA!

I like my planners to have a page for the month, and then a daily and weekly layout. That way I can see everything at once, or just one day at a time, whatever I’m feeling like in the moment. Let me walk you through this one!

First of all, you can see that the back page of the previous month is a notes page, so that’s helpful to have. Makes it easy to wrap up one month before starting on the next one!


Let’s dive into April!

First, there’s the initial page for a few special dates and reminders:


I’ve been trying to write everything the girls do down in the “things to remember” area so I can transfer to their baby books one day. This has been a really helpful space!

And here’s what a month looks like:


One thing I’ve learned with this planner experience is that I really should have not tried to downsize the size. I should have stayed with the bigger planner. **SIGH** Yes, it’s a little bulky and not too easy to manage all the time, but I feel like I have room to keep things simple in it. In this one I felt the need to go back to some highlighted categories when things started stacking up, so I could see what I needed to see. (Note: that’s all on ME. That is not PurpleTrail’s fault at all!)

This is also where it becomes helpful for the daily pages to be customized and included!


You can see that not only are these daily pages, but they also have customizable slots. I LOVE this, because then I can write my hubby’s appointments in his slot, my stuff in my area, and the stuff for the kiddos in their category. It’s an extra step of organizing, and you KNOW I love all the organizings!

Now I didn’t add too many special pages, but PurpleTrail has almost any add-on you could want! Checklists, nutrition trackers, travel itineraries, password lists and more, each with its own tabbed section! And yes, they do offer STICKERS and POCKETS, too!


Overall, I am LOVING my PurpleTrail experience! The website was easy to work on, and the proof was totally accurate. My planner arrived quickly, too, chichis always a huge plus. The product is high quality without a high price, and has a great variety of customization options. You can even add in your own photos, if you like! 

And let me not forget to include that PurpleTrail also offers an entire stock of items for graduations, weddings or businesses, and also offers books, stationary, photos and gifts! Make sure you have some time to browse around their website when you visit – you won’t be disappointed! Check out what I saw while I was there:




As for me, I’ll  be back at the end of this year to order myself another [bigger] planner from PurpleTrail! And, who are we kidding, probably a lot more stuff, too!

So, if YOU want to check out what they have to offer, make sure you use the promo code ROAD to receive 10% off your order! (You’re welcome)

What kind of a planner do YOU use? Do you use a planner at all? Have you heard of PurpleTrail?

For more information about PurpleTrail…

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3 thoughts on “New Product Review – PurpleTrail Planners! (And a Discount for YOU!)

  1. I love how you write down the milestones in your planner. That’s a great idea. I always keep my planners anyway, so it’s a good way to use them as a mini diary. #HomeMattersParty

  2. I love planners too! I’ve committed to using the one I got as much as I can, but I’ve already realized there are several sections I just don’t need and am already looking at next years. I love that this is customizable! #HomeMattersParty

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