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Our twins are four years old now. FOUR. How on earth did THAT happen?! I’m honestly not sure, but one thing I do know is that they have an opinion on most things these days. Four going on fourteen, if you know what I mean.

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They’re VERY into unicorns of late. I’m talking, if there’s a product that is unicorn-themed, we have it. Hair bows. Sunglasses. Purses. Shirts. Pajamas. Slippers. Sleep masks. We even have rubber unicorns that hold a ball in their mouths, and when you squeeze their bellies, the ball shoots out. That joker hurts if it hits you just right, I’m here to say.

I’ve been working on updating their room a little bit over the past few months. Their original nursery when they were first born didn’t really have a theme, just a lot of colors. That’s how I wanted it, so it would grow along with them and be flexible as their needs and wants started to change. These days the colors still work, but I’ve been adding in a few more items that personify who they are right now. I’m not done yet, but I was pretty intrigued when Cellia from PhotoWall asked me to try out some of their products.

I hopped over to their website and was almost immediately overwhelmed by the selection of wall murals, photo wallpapers and canvas prints offered. Over 13,000 options for wall murals alone! How on earth would I ever choose?!

In the end, it was pretty simple. I typed one word into the search feature: unicorn.

While a host of beautiful options arose, there were two that easily stood out to me.

Are those not the sweetest?! My goal when purchasing things for the girls has always been similar items, but each unique in themselves, which is what we try to teach them, being that they are identical twins. These were PERFECT. I chose the poster option, but these same designs are also available as canvas prints, framed prints or wallpaper. Hey, you can even print your OWN wallpaper or canvas! Just send PhotoWall an image or illustration and they’ll help you free of charge with no obligation to order. COOL!

PhotoWall’s website is super simple to search, navigate and purchase through. No difficulties whatsoever. And my selections arrived on my doorstep in no time at all. But of course they did. PhotoWall orders are shipped in 1–4 days and shipping is always free. Wallpaper paste included.

When I opened the box, I won’t lie: my heart SANK. Because here’s what I saw:

I have to put these TOGETHER?! What on EARTH!!! I don’t want to have to do all THAT!

Took me less than 15 minutes. Boom. Done. I whined for nothing. It was time to see how they looked in the girls’ room.

Welcome to my girls’ room! (Please excuse the LARGE bare walls above the bed – I’m still working on that space!)

See those bow holders at the head of their beds?

They’re great for organizing bows, but they’re also a big distraction for the girls at bedtime. And Lord knows they don’t need any more excuses for not being able to sleep than they have already. So I tried something different!

I love how a simple change cleaned up the space! Many thanks to PhotoWall! Colorful, unique, but still something they adore – what could be better?

Oh, I know. How about a discount code?! That’s better, right?!

Use this code for 25% off any on the PhotoWall website! It expires on January 4, 2020, so hurry! Code: pwkristentrd25

Remember, shipping is always free with PhotoWall, and now you have 25% off your order – what on earth are you waiting for?!

Now for those empty walls above their beds…I guess I need to hit up the PhotoWall website again, don’t I?!

For more information about PhotoWall…

CLICK HERE to visit their website
CLICK HERE for their Facebook
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CLICK HERE to check out their Instagram

One thought on “New Product Review: PhotoWall

  1. Those are the bomb diggity ! CC and PP are so into unicorns too, those would be perfect ! I remember their baby nursery . It was precious . But I know what you mean, 4 going to 14!!
    Thanks for the code. I will definitely check them out. Printing your own design wall paper is fantastic !

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