New Product Review: Petratools Battery Sling Sprayer

If you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time, you know we live in a farming town in Central Florida. While we are not farmers ourselves (well, except for my experimental garden that continues to surprise me) we are literally surrounded by farmland. If you were to come sit on my front porch with me right now, you would smell the sweet sweet aroma of strawberries from fields across the road from us, behind us, and just down the street from us. And these days you would even be able to see the pickers dashing up and down the rows of fruit, snatching up the best options from each plant. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself not to take this life for granted; it really is amazing.

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However, with the somewhat warmer weather, a bit of rain, and wide open spaces come a few issues. Mainly mice, frogs, mosquitos and ants.

Granted, the circle of life is alive and well out in these parts. The hawks and other large birds don’t let too many mice or frogs get away, and the frogs are huge fans of dining on mosquitos. However, when the mice DO get through, they come in our garage and wreak havoc. When the frogs DO get through they pile up behind the wreath on our front door and PEE everywhere. And the ANTS. Oh my word at the ants.

So we try to stay on top of our pest control around here. As soon as we notice an issue, you can find my hubby outside with his trusty sprayer, barricading our abode with his secret pest control mix. (I seriously have no idea what he puts in there.) And typically to do that he uses a small pump sprayer that he picked up at our local hardware store.

So when Paolo from Petratools contacted me about doing a review of one of their products, I was interested to see what might be of use.

In no time at all, Paolo sent me over the Petratools Battery Sling Sprayer. It sounded cool, but what was going to make it any better than the sprayer we already had?

Because it was a battery powered sprayer, my husband enthused, as he opened the package like it was Christmas morning. It definitely looked and felt more professional and much sturdier that the lil’ sprayer we had in the garage. He had it set up and was out the door in less than five minutes – that alone is a plus!

Here are a few more “plusses” this nifty gadget offers:

  • Extendable wand (from 38 centimeters to 7 centimeters, wow!) No need to even get near any harsh chemicals you may be spraying!
  • High-pressure spray hose that can be used indoors or out, saving even more time
  • Extra padded shoulder strap for ease of use
  • Functions perfectly with Petratools’ own professional surface cleaner ULV500, perfect for the day in which we live
  • Petratools is also a family-owned American company that ships from American facilties

In another couple of minutes he had the sprayer filled with his special concoction – and then he was off!

In the words of my hubby, “Why would I ever use a pump sprayer again when I don’t need to slow my pest control roll at all with this one? Battery operated is the way to go!”

Overall, we were super pleased with Petratool’s Battery Sling Sprayer. Highly recommend it!

And Petratools doesn’t just stop with sprayers. Foggers, neem oils, lawn and outdoor items and additional accessories for all of the above are all available on their website! They’ve got just what you’re looking for, I can almost guarantee it!

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