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Now more than ever, I’ve been evaluating the food I purchase at our grocery stores each week. It’s crazy the stuff you’ll find in your food if you start reading all the labels, isn’t it?! Of course, it’s overwhelming if you start trying to change years of habits all at once, so I’ve been taking it a little bit at a time. For instance, I think I’ve finally eliminated all traces of high fructose corn syrup from our diets! Now I’m on to looking for and eliminating those nasty hormones – BLECH.

So when Erin contacted me about trying some butter from Minerva Dairy, I was intrigued. When she told me that the butter comes from pasture-raised cows, which means it is hormone and antibiotic-free, I was even MORE intrigued! And I mean…BUTTER. Who doesn’t want to try BUTTER?!


I hadn’t heard of Minerva Dairy before, so I headed over to their website to take a look. The dairy is America’s oldest family-owned dairy producing traditionally-made cheese and butter! For five generations, the family has used fresh farm milk, old-fashioned churns and wholesome ingredients to make their butter and cheese products. They also offer gift baskets and yummy meats and mustards!

When the package arrived, I was astonished to find FOUR POUNDS OF BUTTER. Four pounds! 


It was packaged so nicely for me in dry ice with an awesome cooler to boot!


And since I now had four pounds of butter…what could I do but make our favorite Gooey Butter Cookies?!

Gooey Butter Cookies

Yellow Cake Box Mix
1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 8-oz. cream cheese bar, softened
1 egg
Powdered Sugar

I’ll let you head on over to visit Kristyn at Lil’ Luna for the instructions on this one, but it’s a super simple recipe with always-fabulous results! Check mine out:


Now, were they better than usual because of the butter, you ask? My hubby said they sure were! Well, let me tell you what I noticed…

Not only was the butter more creamy and easier to work with, but it made the cookie dough mixture fluffier, and I promise, they even baked more evenly! 

The Gooey Butter Cookies weren’t the only thing that I experimented on with Minerva Dairy Butter. I’ve fried and scrambled eggs with it, I’ve seared steaks with it, I’ve blended it with fruit and a variety of spices to make a few spreads and I’ve done the simplest thing (like smearing a piece of toast) with it. And I won’t lie: I’ve frozen some of it to use in my holiday baking this year! Yes I did!

The best way I know how to describe it is that it’s like the difference between fresh eggs and eggs from the grocery refrigerated section. It just tastes better. It tastes fresher. It’s smoother. And I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s REAL and not full of all the extra junk that gets thrown into our foods these days!

If you have a Piggly Wiggly near you, you can run by and pick up your own Minerva Dairy products for yourself! No Piggly Wiggly near you? No problem! You can ORDER their products directly from their website! Ya gotta love it!

You can find Minerva Dairy on Facebook (CLICK HERE), Twitter (CLICK HERE), Instagram (CLICK HERE), and Pinterest (CLICK HERE).

My question for you now is…what’s in YOUR butter?! If you go read your ingredients and find a bunch of JUNK, better head over to Minerva Dairy and order some of the good stuff!

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20 thoughts on “New Product Review – Minerva Dairy Butter

  1. Four pounds! Wow I would love to have 4 pounds of this awesomeness you speak of! I have never heard of them but will check out their site. I too, have been trying to eat cleaner and have been looking at the ingredients on purchased foods more. But i still have a ways to get it down pack! A friend I know used to be very careful with high fructose corn syrup and always said that real butter is not bad for you!!

  2. I never really thought about what is in the butter that I use. I will be checking out Minerva Dairy. Thanks for the yummy cookie recipe.

  3. Those butter cookies look delicious. I want to try the butter – but definitely will use it to make those cookies.

  4. Butter makes everything better! I never cook with the fake stuff. I’ve not heard of Minerva Dairy before, but I would love to try their butter. Your cookies look amazing!

  5. I’ve never thought much about what’s in my butter or considered more natural alternatives. I’m glad to hear you had such a positive experience and I’m definitely going to check out their shipping options!

  6. This cookies look AMAZING! All the bad ingredients can be so overwhelming. My husband is intolerant of corn and soy in any form. So it makes things a big challenge :-(.

  7. I’ve never heard of Minerva Dairy but will certainly check them out. We quit buying margarine long ago because of all the water in it. Butter makes everything better!

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