New Product Review – Keystone Meats (RECIPES INCLUDED!)

These days, wth two 18-month-olds running around the house, a hubby who’s gone from home working about 12 hours each day, and lil’ ol’ me, who’s trying to hold down the fort, this blog, a photography business…you get the idea. It’s kinda CRAZY around here, y’all! 

Even in the midst of all the nutty, one thing has stayed the same: I still LOVE to cook. My cooking has just been…ummm…modified…a bit here of late. And I’m learning that there is NOTHING in the world wrong with that!

The newly married me who started this blog literally created five-course meals for dinner ALL. THE. TIME. I seriously did. And I loved every second of it! But the not-so-newly-married me, with a hungry hubby and sweet babies and cuddly pets and a house to take care of and a few businesses to run…well, I don’t get the chance to cook five-course meals very often anymore. But I still make sure that my family is fed in a wholesome, and these days, SIMPLE way. And I’ve got to share a line of products I’ve found to help me do just that!

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I’ll be honest. When I thought of “canned meat” I thought of Spam. Nothing against Spam at all, it’s just not the type of thing I normally would include in a nutritious meal, ya know? So when Keystone Meats contacted me and wanted me to check out their products, I hesitated just for a minute. But I’m so glad I decided to go ahead and accept their offer!

Folks, Keystone Meats is no Spam! (Poor Spam, it’s getting a bad rap here today!) Keystone Canned Meats is still maintaining the family tradition of providing all natural quality products! It starts with lean USDA meat that is selected, cut and packed by hand and adding only a dash of sea salt for flavor. All meats are slow cooked in the can to maintain their natural juices and maximize flavor. The result is perfectly cooked, all natural lean and tender meats with no added ingredients or preservatives. With beef, chicken, pork, turkey and ground beef, you really can’t beat it!

Keystone Meats sent me over a can of their chicken and also a can of their beef. I decided to incorporate the chicken into one of our family’s favorite recipes, and create another recipe around the beef! Here’s what I came up with…


Yes, folks, those are Quick Chicken Quesadillas from Lauren and Kate over at Ease & Carrots! While their recipe calls for rotisserie chicken (which is what I normally use when I make it) I found that I loved using Keystone Meat’s chicken! Super easy and super tasty, too! (And the best part was, my hubby couldn’t tell the difference!)

Now, on to my lil’ creation…

Simple Beef & Veggie Plate
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  1. One box of your favorite instant mashed potatoes
  2. One box of frozen honey-glazed carrots
  3. One pouch of brown beef gravy mix
  4. One can of Keystone Meats All Natural Beef
  1. Prepare mashed potatoes, honey-glazed carrots and beef gravy
  2. Warm beef
  3. Serve potatoes, topped with carrots, topped with beef, topped with gravy
The Road to Domestication
 I know, I know. Really. It’s that simple. But it includes a good variety of the food groups, it’s hearty, and it’s hubby-approved!

I happened to put this together on a particularly cold night after my husband had been outside covering up plants in preparation for a freeze, and when he came in to this meal, he couldn’t give enough compliments on it! 

Now, you can make it more complicated if you want to. Mashed potatoes from scratch. Carrots candied on your own. Gravy from your grandma’s recipe. Whatever you like! But these days, for me? It’s simple and wholesome – so I’m good!

In the end, I think YOU should check out what Keystone Meats has to offer, too! You might just find something you wish you’d known about all along!

For more information on Keystone Meats…

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14 thoughts on “New Product Review – Keystone Meats (RECIPES INCLUDED!)

  1. These meats look really good. I checked out the website and the chicken salad (with their canned chicken) recipe sounds amazing!

  2. I always wondered about canned beef. It seems like it will be super salty being in a can to preserve it. I bet it would be good in gravy though

  3. This sounds and looks delicious. I’m not a SPAM fan either but this is certainly a different direction. I’ll have to give it a try.

  4. Five course meal? You are amazing! We only have one dish for lunch and dinner. ha! I would love to try your recipe, yum!

  5. My parents lived on Oahu and they loved Spam. I have never tried canned chicken or beef. The chicken would be good to make a quick chicken salad.

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