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Anyone familiar with this blog knows that, not only do I love photos, but I also AM a part-time photographer. As such, I’m a pretty big proponent of having photos taken, especially this time of the year. But one thing I am NOT good at when  it comes to photos is FRAMING them.

I’m not sure why. I mean, I HAVE the photos. I have photos from professional photographers, from my own cameras and from my phone! I can print any of them at any time. And I’ve got a few framed prints sprinkled around the house, but I would LOVE more! Somehow I just never find the time to search for good frames, or print out the photos, or place them in various locations among my decor. It sounds so simple. I have no idea why I don’t do more of it!

So when Kasi from Keepsake contacted me and asked me to review their product, I was intrigued! Simply put, Keepsake is an app that allows you to effortlessly print, frame, and deliver your photos. In fact, you can use the Keepsake app, or visit I decided to try it for myself to see just how it works!

I chose this pic of my hubby and I from a photo session we did right before we found out we were pregnant with the twins.


Of course, I had never framed any of these photos, so I decided that now was as good a time as any!

I’m here to say that Keepsake totally makes the process easy. From uploading your photo to being able to choose a small, medium or large size frame, to FREE SHIPPING…I honestly don’t see how their services can be beat!

I uploaded my photo, chose my frame and chose the size I wanted the picture/frame to be. 

I also love that you can choose how the photo will be displayed – hanging or standing, and that’s how your frame is assembled! How many headaches does THAT solve, am I right?

Once you select your options, just when you start to second guess yourself, Keepsake gives you such a fantastic preview of your framed work of art, you’re sure it’s something that’s been done at your local framing store. 

I was pretty excited when I was done – the process had been seamless and definitely easy! And did I mention that SHIPPING IS FREE?!

Not too much later, this lovely box arrived at my house:


(Never mind the mess of toys in the background – 15-month-old twins, you know!) 

I was thrilled that my frame arrived packaged so well – once I got the box open, it was wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap and secured exellently! 

Check it out:


Came out beautifully, right?! It’s totally perfect! I love the detail of the frame…


…and they included everything I needed to hang it, too!



We’re in the process of switching a few things around at our house right now as we repair some damage from that lovely Hurricane Irma, so I haven’t hung it up yet, but soon!


Overall, I was absolutely THRILLED with my entire Keepsake experience, and I will definitely be headed back to do more “framing”! I mean, they’ve taken away every last excuse! 

Would YOU try Keepsake for yourself? What about using their services to prepare a gift for someone else? What if I told you that you can do all that, and get a discount, too?! Try it out for yourself and take 15% off your order with this code: trtd15

It doesn’t get any better than this, folks! Go frame your photos! In this digital age, it’s SO important. Let’s keep this tradition going!

For more information on Keepsake…

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When was the last time YOU framed a photo?

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  1. I really love the simplicity of your frame and the color is so nice. You both look so lovely and sweet in your photo.

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