New Product Review: GoopAway

I’ve heard it said that, as a mother, one of your most often-used phrases is, “What IS that?” And I’m here to tell you, IT’S SO TRUE.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve said that to my 2.5-year-olds within the past few months. Or sorted through their laundry and said that. Or walked into their play room and said that. 

And why is it that whatever kids seem to be doing, or whatever they’ve left behind, is always STICKY?! Why can’t it just be some kind of a nice, dry, sweepable mess? Easy to suck up in the vacuum or adios with a paper towel? That is just never my luck!

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So when Sara from GoopAway asked if I was interested in reviewing their product, I instantly knew what I needed that product for! But I also didn’t understand why this product might be different from any other sticky-mess-cleaning product…so I said, why not? Let’s check this out!

GoopAway is a safe and eco-friendly goo, gum, goof, crayon (and more!) remover. The unique aspect of this product is, it’s 100% natural! GoopAway is fully derived from plants, not petrochemicals! And if you’ve been following the blog for any amount of time, you know that I prefer an all-natural product over one filled with chemicals. Especially when I’m using it around my toddlers.

And that’s exactly who I needed to use it around. Take a look at this:


Cute, right? That is the twins’ toy box – complete with hand-painted lettering and a Cinderella’s castle and coach. But here’s what you can’t see in this picture…



Let me explain this goop. 

This goop is on the toy box because of a failed attempt at child-proofing.

Yeppers. I take full responsibility.

You see, what had happened was…I tried attaching these handy-dandy childproofing click-straps to the lid of the toy box, so I could secure the lid OPEN, in an effort to not have the girls slamming the lid on each other’s fingers.


It was a great idea, in theory. But did it work?


Not only did it not work, it actually CAME OFF, and left a mess. GOOP, if you will.

So, I decided to see if the lovely GoopAway could help me out with my little issue.


It was as simple as soaking a cotton ball with the product, and giving it a little elbow grease. Boom.


No more goop!

This was pretty encouraging to me, so I started walking around our home, soaking cotton balls with GoopAway and seeing what else I could take care of. I was able to remove gum that had been tracked inside and stuck to our laundry room grout, a packing tape residue that was stuck to the side of the dishwasher, a mystery substance that had appeared on the entertainment center, and a melted Sour Patch Kid from the table on the back porch.  

The great thing was, I wasn’t worried about going behind myself and doing even more cleaning to make sure that the girls didn’t encounter any chemicals. In fact, I even let them HELP me clean up goop, without worrying about any kind of side effects! (Because the sooner they learn to clean up their own messes…well…the better!) We, of course, washed our hands well after using it. But what a relief to be able to start teaching them valuable life lessons with a safer product! To top it off, it even SMELLS nice!


This was definitely a thumbs-up for our household! If you’d like more information on GoopAway…

Visit their website by CLICKING HERE

Have YOU heard of GoopAway? What would you use it on in YOUR home?

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