New Product Review – Citrus Magic!

If there’s one thing I can’t STAND…it’s a foul smell. And if that foul smell is originating somewhere within my house?! Um…NO. It must be found and eliminated. Immediately!

I have emptied entire refrigerators looking for a smell. I have crawled on my hands and knees through an entire room looking for a smell. I have cleaned and bleached and scrubbed and swept away any and all foul smells I’ve come across in my house.

And that’s all pretty easy to do when it’s just you and your hubby, right? But then, we got one of these…


Now, when we first got CoCo the Black Kitty, I had found a lovely little air freshener in the pet section of Walmart.


We are scoop-the-litter-box-daily people, but still, I would grab one every month or so, and I kept it by her litter box, just in case. Sometimes you can walk into a house and immediately know: there is a CAT who lives here. I really didn’t want that to be our house!

For almost 6 years I had been buying a Citrus Magic air freshener once a month, and putting it by the litter box. Never had a foul odor issue!

And then we got one of these…


…and a little while later, these came along:

Campbell Twins-86

The foul odors started to get harder and harder to locate, let me tell you. But I continued to buy those Citrus Magic air fresheners to sit near the litter box. 

One day, while chatting with the lovely Ashley Grant, she mentioned to me that she was an actual brand ambassador for Citrus Magic! After exclaiming to her that I’ve been buying their product for years, she asked if she could send me a few things, and I agreed. When the box arrived, I had a lovey grouping of these:

DSC_0274 copy

Now, first of all, I was thrown. I didn’t know that CITRUS Magic made any other scents that were not…CITRUS! But lavender?! Oh, this changes everything, folks. I LOVE lavender! And then I got tot thinking…I’ll bet I could use this ANYWHERE, not just by the litter box!

I know, I know. Pretty smart of me, right?! (If there’s anything I miss about not having children it’s when my brain would actually work properly…)

Anyways, on the day that these lovelies arrived, it had been a particularly stinky day for Bug and Boo. Sometimes when we try new foods, the final results are, well…foul. I kid you not, I grabbed one of these air fresheners, opened it and put it in the bottom of our Diaper Genie, closed it, and pretty much forgot about it. Until the next diaper change, when, suddenly, up from the canister rose the most light, clean, fresh lavender scent ever. I couldn’t believe it! I nominated my hubby for the diaper change after that, and he soon called out from the bedroom, “What did you do to this pail? It doesn’t even smell bad!”

Oh, I was on a roll then! I took another air freshener to our guest room that had a weird smell in it after our last guests had left, and opened it in there. Shut the door and forgot about it. A couple days later, I took a stack of clean sheets into that room, and when I opened the door, I was blown away. In a good way! No foul odor anymore – just the light smell of the air freshener!

I’ve since added a new air freshener by CoCo the Black Kitty’s litter box, AND I added one to Taffy the White Doggy’s bed! 

Tip: if you don’t have a place you can SIT the air freshener, do like I did with the one I put by the dog bed and throw a velcro Command Strip on the back of it and HANG it up!

After that, I decided to see if Citrus Magic had any other products I could use!

Of course, the thing I love about Citrus Magic is that all of their products are naturally-based. Anyone who’s read around this blog a little bit knows that I try to do things as naturally as possible around my home, for the sake of our family’s health, so coming across a product like Citrus Magic that solves a problem and does it the natural way is fantastic!

I also discovered that Citrus Magic not only offers air fresheners, but also odor eliminators, soaps, cleaning products and even more pet products! I was able to build a nice little order on Amazon (gonna try out their carpet and room odor eliminator and their pet odor eliminator!) but you can also find their products at a variety of familiar retailers: places like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, etc.

So how about you? Have you heard of Citrus Magic? Used any of their products? I encourage you to check them out if you’re not familiar! They might just be your next favorite thing!

For more information on Citrus Magic…

Visit their website by CLICKING HERE
Pop by their Facebook by CLICKING HERE
Check out their Twitter by CLICKING HERE

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3 thoughts on “New Product Review – Citrus Magic!

  1. Why have I never heard of this? I’m with you! I can’t stand having a foul smell in the house and trying to locate it, but some air fresheners are way too artificial smelling and overpowering. Citrus Magic sounds like just what I need.

  2. I am definitely on the Against Foul Smells team! Citrus Magic sounds fantastic! I think I have seen it in the store, but I have never tried it. Since we have two of those adorable black kitties, I’m getting this! We are scoop everyday people too — sometimes twice, LOL.

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