New Product Review: Canvas on the Cheap!

I LOVE photos. I mean, I guess that really comes with the territory. (Y’all know I run a photography business, right?) Anyways, as much as I love photos, and even though our family has several photo shoots done throughout the year, and as many photos as I myself take of our family…I’m AWFUL about creating a canvas out of photos, or even simply printing photos. I’m not sure why! I just never seem to get around to DOING it!

So when we moved in into our current home (and it’s been over a year now – MERCY. Time flies!) I decided that I really wanted to take the time to have some canvases made of family photos and use them as artwork around our house. But I honestly wasn’t sure which company I wanted to go with. It seems like there’s a quite a few out there now, all promising the best deal and the best quality. How do you choose? It’s tough even for a photographer, I’m here to say!

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As luck would have it, I received a nice email from Emily at Canvas on the Cheap, asking if I would like to receive and review one of their canvases. Well, goodness, what perfect timing! I knew exactly which photo I wanted to use, so I was ready to go!

Canvas on the Cheap’s site was super easy to use, which is always helpful when you’re dealing with photo uploads and sizings! I loved that I had the option of adding a gallery wrap or a frame, but I didn’t end up doing either, because I wanted to see what the standard product turned out like. They also offered the option of adding a back dust cover or a wall hanger, which I also thought were super convenient.

It was nice to be able to pay via credit card or PayPal, and I even found out that they do standard shipping for FREE during the holidays! Hello! What a great gift idea! (Or for FATHER’S DAY…hint hint!)

In no time at all, my canvas had arrived. It was wrapped securely, and I pulled it out of it’s packaging with nary a scratch – PERFECT! Check it out!


Aren’t we CUTE?! (HA! Just kidding…I mean, the GIRLS are definitely cute, I won’t argue with you on that one! HA!)

This is a 16X20 canvas, and folks, it is PERFECT. And I’m NOT just saying that. It’s like a real live person took the utmost care in putting this thing together – not a staple is out of line nor an overlap crooked. It’s shockingly exact.


The canvas material itself is of excellent quality, too!


The texture is lovely, and it melds around the shape of the frame perfectly.



I mean, I know they offer a dust cover for the back, but I almost don’t even want to cover the back! The lines are so clean and precise – it really speaks to a level of craftsmanship that I haven’t seen from any other canvas companies.


As far as weight, the canvas itself isn’t heavy to carry at all, yet it somehow feels super sturdy – which is a good thing around my house these days with two crazy 22-month-olds, I’ll tell you what…

Overall, I LOVE my canvas – so much that I’m turning an entire wall in my house into a family gallery! Seeing the quality that Canvas on the Cheap produced for me got me thinking about several other photos I’d like to see on canvas, so you’ll have to check back in soon to see my completed gallery, after I order a couple more pieces. I’d have to say that yes, Canvas On The Cheap delivers high quality canvas prints on time and at incredible prices – I’ll certainly be taking advantage of their services in the future, too!

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Have you used Canvas on the Cheap yet?

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  1. Did several of the 12×12 with no problem, I think. Just uploaded another one which looks ok in the collage but when uploaded it cuts off parts of the picture.

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