New Product Review: California Design Den

Sheets are important. That is all.

Well, there’s a little bit more.

I’m one of those people who is pretty particular about their sheets. There, I said it. I have certain things I look for when it comes to purchasing sheets for the beds in our home, so when Deepak from California Design Den contacted me about reviewing a set of their sheets, of course I was super interested!


I hadn’t heard of California Design Den before, so I stopped to do a bit of research, and I was impressed by what I found. From sateens to percales, every set of their sheets are crafted using fine materials, superb craftsmanship, and eco-friendly production processes. Customers can buy their linens through retailers like Wayfair and Nordstrom Rack, and many of their sheets are also best-sellers on Amazon! In addition to sheets, the company also offers duvet covers, comforters and quilts, and their website makes it easy to shop all of their offerings by size, color and fabric.  

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Great! I was excited to get my sheets and see if they lived up to the hype!


As you can see, I chose a light blue color that coordinates with the blues and yellows of our Master Bedroom. I love the shade! Calming yet rich, and a great compliment to our decor.

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My first test of a new pair of sheets is how they come out of the dryer. If they’ve become twisted and rough in the dryer, I’m already agitated with them when I pull them out. But there was none of that agitation with these sheets. They came out just crisp enough to be considered “new”, but still super smooth to the touch. 

Getting the sheets on the bed caused no issues. I mean, you know how sheets can be sometimes – you could dislocate a shoulder trying to get a fitted sheet to fit your mattress! No such worries here. Everything was on in a snap!


Another thing that annoys me about sheets is when they come out of the dryer and the very top lip has dried slightly folded. Then you end up with this HUGE wrinkle up top, and the only way to make it smooth and not annoying when you’re trying to bury in the sheets at bedtime is to iron the durn thing. And I HATE ironing. Lucky for me, that doesn’t seem to be an issue with California Design Den’s sheets!


The basis of California Design Den’s sheet sets is pure cotton, with a premium yard structure and twist to eliminate even the possibility of pilling, which is fabulous, because there’s nothing I hate more than when sheets get a little bit older and start turning scratchy! There’s also a very handy head/foot tag on the fitted sheet, so you always know where you stand…errr…lay.


The other thing that drives me crazy about sheets is the pillow cases. I don’t know if I just happen to have longer pillows than average or what, but I’m always tugging at the pillow cases, trying to make them cover up the entire pillow. Do you know the struggle? SO annoying! But this doesn’t seem to be an issue for California Design Den’s sheets, either! 


Okay okay, so you like the sheets, they look nice, you say. What about where it REALLY counts?! How do they SLEEP?!

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Absolutely beautifully! We found them very comfortable, and they have enough of a sateen texture to feel smooth and cool, yet not enough to where they won’t actually “stay in place” on the bed. I feel like they even make it easier to make the bed because they lay so well! So the added bonus of not having to do any tugging when you’re making the bed each morning is a huge plus! And they came out of the dryer just as perfectly the second time as they did the first, so that’s definitely a good thing, as well.

In the end, if you’re looking for a great set of sheets, I would highly recommend California Design Den! Now, please excuse me while I head over to check out their quilts…

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